Funslope Bormio: watch out for this wintery adventure!

Funslope Bormio will be back again for the upcoming winter. There are plenty of snow adventures waiting for all winter sports enthusiasts in the Vertical Fun Adventure by Bormio Ski!

Numerous attractions are waiting for you to be discovered between 1,225 meters and 3,012 meters above sea level. Whether you are a skilled skier or a wellness enthusiast: Bormio has something to offer for each and every one. Those seeking fun will find it at Funslope Bormio, where curious winter friends discover an extraordinary mountain experience!

funslope bormio 2018
Speedbost and Slopy

Are you ready for this ride? The speedboost gives us the pace we need for a good start on the first snow waves. After this quick warm-up on the first two hurdles, the next obstacle is already waiting for us! A swift right turn takes us further down the Funslope where we can see a huge hand waving at us, waiting for a high-five.

Finally, the Funslope mascot Slopy is appearing as he is welcoming us with another high-five. Don’t worry, he is a nice fella! He might even reward you with one of his funny greetings! Now, that we warmed up our abs giggling, there is still a lot of action ahead of us, so let’s stay focused!

Swiftly, we glide over a wave run as there is a third high-five waiting for us when entering a rapid banked turn followed by two more snow waves. As we cross these waves, our eyes are drawn to a gigantic Fun Twister, which gives us the right speed for the last banked turns and jumps. We are going right in on a right turn and a sharp left again. The Funslope experience ends with a snow tunnel sending us across the finish line!

You want even more adventure? No problem – you can give it a second try by taking the Nevada Est Skilift or the Bormio 2000 Pian dei Larici chairlift.

We are looking forward to more wintery adventures with you at Funslope Bormio!

Funslope Valbella: the new high altitude fun course

This season, we are happy to announce exciting news regarding the extension of Bormio’s vertical fun offerings. The popular Funslope Bormio is glad to see the introduction of its promising partner-in-crime – the Funslope Valbella.
So, Bormio Ski extends its Fun Mountain offer again and underlines the slogan #theverticalfun.

Now you get to enjoy even more snowy experiences, eventful runs and unforgettable moments at the Fun Mountain in Bormio. But be cautious, because our new highlight – the Slope-Cop – is always on red alert and tells off speeders with cheeky phrases!

The eventful rides at 2,500 m above sea level continue this year for all curious skiers and snowboarders. The brand-new attraction – the Funslope Valbella – brings even more fun and adventure for all ages to Bormio.

We start by cruising through a red entrance gate from where we can already see the first obstacle. Off we dash towards the first waves. Up and down and up and down we joyfully cruise across the flowy snow bumps. Completely focused, we clap the gigantic hand which is waiting for us as we ride down the course.

Now we are all warmed-up, and ready to continue our adventurous run: We dash through banked curves and rapidly turn left and right. After the last turn, we already spot the next dynamic waves.

funslope e familypark bormio: lo slope cop
Sheriff on the slopes

After having ridden across the swift waves our eyes widen. Because in the distance we can see the silhouette of a figure – who might that be?
It is the sheriff of the Funslope Valbella, the Slope-Cop! He is well equipped with his speedometer and is always searching for fast riders rushing towards the finishing line. He immediately “punishes“ us by commenting on our rapid ride with funny sound effects and on his speed display he lets us know how fast we go.

Eventually, we rush past the Slope-Cop and across the finish line of the Funslope Valbella.

Riders who are looking for even more adventures should continue their ride towards the Fun Area Bormio 2000. With a Funslope and a Familypark, the Fun Area is perfect for all Funslope lovers and freestyle beginners.
Or you simply take the chairlift Bormio 3000 in order to get back to the start of the Funslope Valbella.

Familypark Bormio: jump right into the freestyle fun

You are craving for a challenge and a bit of adrenaline? If so, Familypark Bormio is just the right spot for you! Whether you have already gotten a taste of obstacles or not – this Familypark will make beginners as well as skilled riders happy! Dare to jump over kickers or slide over boxes and start a new adventure!

You feel like the new Snowpark Bormio is a bit too difficult, but you would still like to feel the adrenaline-rush? If that’s the case, try Familypark Bormio! Here, the entire family gets to take their first steps in freestyle-sports in a relaxed atmosphere. Jumps and boxes guarantee not only thrilling experiences but also loads of fun! Snowpark Bormio’s little brother welcomes riders of all skill-levels as you do not need to have any experience – all it takes, is a bit of bravery and a good mood! Jump right into a new adventure and celebrate your first freestyle adventure!

If you want to feel some air beneath your skis or snowboard, try your first jump on one of our small kickers. Next up: a rainbow-box. As this obstacle’s name gives away, this curved box takes a bit of balance. So, if balance is your thing, you should definitely try it. Moving on with a simpler obstacle: a flat box. Show your best sliding skills – whether you master it straight, sideways or with a turn, do whatever you prefer!

Channel your inner daredevil before hitting the park’s last feature: the up-down box takes you up before gliding down again.

Once you’ve crossed the finish line, Bormio 2000 Pian dei Larici takes you back to the start, in case one ride wasn’t enough for you!

Come by and say hi at Familypark Bormio in order to celebrate your first freestyle adventure!