Lifts and slopes open

Lifts situation

1 Bormio - Bormio 2000
2 Bormio 2000 - Cima Bianca
3 Bormio 2000 - Cimino
4 - Pian dei Larici
5 Scoiattoli 1
6 Scoiattoli 2
7 Marmotta
8 Gipeto
9 Lepre Bianca
10 Ciuk - Laghetti
11 Fontanalonga
12 The Jungle
13 Valbella - 3000
14 Trudi Park

Our ski area offers the greatest skiable vertical drop in Italy: lifts that take you over 3,000 meters and a difference in height of 1,800 meters. But Bormio is not just adrenaline: the km of slopes in Bormio can satisfy both expert skiers and beginner ones.

Are you a lover of high altitude activities? You can only live the experience of skiing in Bormio: with our slopes you can daydream and embark on a WOW experience!

A fantastic snow season has just ended. See you on December for the Winter reopening of the lifts to ski.  Don't miss out!

Bormio 2000 and 3000: high altitude slopes

Those who love swooping down from the highest peaks can only appreciate the slopes of Bormio 2000 and 3000: breathtaking ski runs that will make you taste all the mountain breeze.

Starting from the highest peak of Valbella-Bormio 3000 you can then ski down towards Cimino, Cima Bianca and Pian dei Larici in Bormio 2000, tackling an adrenaline-pumping skiing immersed in the alpine landscape of Bormio.

And if you want to face a World Cup ski course? The main slope, the Stelvio, hosts the World Cup downhill every year and in 2026 it will be the official venue of the Winter Olympics.

Ski map Bormio

Download the ski map of Bormio and start exploring the routes of our ski runs.

14 lifts
17 slopes
1 snowpark
1 funslope
1 World Cup course (the Stelvio)
1,800 meters of vertical drop

Ski map Bormio Skipass

Download the ski map of ski district in Bormio

mappa bormio

Ski map Bormio

Open the map of Bormio Ski

List of all ski slopes

Km of slopes AVAILABLE: 0/50


easy slope

medium difficulty slope

difficult slope

A1 Stelvio 1
A2 Stelvio 2
A3 Stelvio 3
A4 Stelvio 4
B1 Stella Alpina 1
B2 Stella Alpina 2
B3 Stella Alpina 3
B4 Stella Alpina 4
C1 Bimbi al Sole 1
C2 Bimbi al Sole 2
C3 Bimbi al Sole 3
D1 Praimont 1
D2 Praimont 2
D3 Praimont 3
E1 S. Ambrogio 1
E2 S. Ambrogio 2
E3 S. Ambrogio 3
F Betulle
G Genziana
H1 Ermellini 1
H2 Ermellini 2
I Bosco Basso
L La Rocca
M Nevada
S1 Skiweg Palo 2
S2 Skiweg Pian dei Larici
S3 Skiweg Praimont - Rocca
S Skiweg Pagetta
S5 Skiweg Bormio
Ski runs difficulty
Ski runs data
Artificial snow

14 lifts with a transport capacity of 24,000 people per hour

1 8-seater cableway Bormio-Bormio 2000 2.416 741 1,945 closed
2 cablecar Bormio 2000-Cima Bianca 3.291 1.067 3,017 closed
3 4-seater chairlift Bormio 2000-Cimino 1.862 687 2,630 closed
4 3-seater chairlift Pian dei Larici 955 300 2,241 closed
5 skilift Scoiattoli 1 303 53 1,995 closed
6 skilift Scoiattoli 2 330 65 2,007 closed
7 magic carpet Marmotta 110 23 1,965 closed
8 magic carpet Gipeto 70 10 1,952 closed
9 magic carpet Lepre Bianca 82 14 1,614 closed
10 4-seater chairlift Ciuk-Laghetti 896 321 1,954 closed
11 4-seater chairlift Fontanalonga 1.895 659 2,538 closed
12 skilift The Jungle 350 80 2.029 closed
13 4-seater chairlift Valbella-3000 1.802 485 3,017 closed
14 magic carpet Trudi Park 110 10 1.210 closed

50 km of ski runs for any level skiing

Blue ski run 6 14 28
Red ski run 10 34 68
Black ski run 1 2 4
Total 17 50 100

17 ski runs, among which the famous Stelvio, and a stunning vertical drop of 1,800 meters

ID SKI RUN NAME LEVEL FROM (meters) TO (meters)
A Stelvio Red 2,255 1,215
B Stella Alpina Red 3,012 1,952
C Bimbi al Sole Red 3,012 1,952
D Praimont Red 2,640 2,150
E S. Ambrogio Red 2,400 1,950
F Betulle Black 2,450 2,000
G Genziana Red 1,952 1,630
H1 Ermellini 1 Blue 2,160 2,050
H2 Ermellini 2 Blue 2,160 2,050
I Bosco Basso Blue 1,634 1,225
L La Rocca Blue 2,160 1,950
M Nevada Blue 2,165 1,950
S1 Skiweg Palo 2 Red n.a. n.a.
S2 Skiweg Pian dei Larici Red n.a. n.a.
S3 Skiweg Praimont-Rocca Red n.a. n.a.
S4 Skiweg Pagetta Red n.a. n.a.
S5 Skiweg Bormio Blue n.a. n.a.
Snowpark The Jungle
Funslope Valbella

“Minor” slopes not shown on the map: variante Praimont, training camp Marmotta, training camp Gipeto, training camp Trudi Park

Over the past few years we have been looking at this phenomenon called  “twisting of seasons”. Years ago winter would always come along with big time snowing that would guarantee the regular preparation of the slopes and their opening. It’s not like that anymore. And so, artificial snow making has become fundamental.

Bormio Ski has decided to trust the highly qualified company Technoalpin, an absolute leader into the snowmaking industry. We invested about 8.5 millions of Euros for our snowmaking system. It was an investment that was fully repaid. To give you the perfect example, in 2005 we hosted the Alpine Ski World Cup which took place entirely on artificial snow!

Our snow making system

  • is equipped with 300 snow points: 190 fixed guns and 50 mobile guns available for 110 points
  • has a production capacity of 1.250 mc/h
  • guarantees excellent snow making on 80 % of the slopes.

The water supply is guaranteed by wells of our property and storage tanks located at various altitudes on the mountain for a total of 13,000 cubic meters of water, which allow the system to operate in all conditions without burdening the local aqueducts.

The water supplied in the Bormio by the wells is pumped up to the snowmaking headquarter located in Bormio 2000 and from there it is distributed throughout the entire Vallecetta Mountain from 3,012 m to 1,225 m.

The distribution network guarantees excellent levels of snow making it possible, on the occasion of the World Cup races, to continuously and simultaneously produce snow both on the race tracks and on the slopes reserved for tourists.