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The ski school in Bormio

The passion for winter sports is written in the genetic code of every inhabitant of Bormio. Descending into the valley along a snow-covered slope with a pair of skis on is something innate for us.

A centuries-old tradition that is now reflected in the wide range of ski schools available in the area. In the town of Bormio alone, there are seven ski schools for more than 100 ski and snowboard instructors.

If you want to take your very first lessons or you want to improve your technique, you are definitely in the right place.
We are people used to skiing all year round: in summer on the Stelvio glacier and in winter on the most beautiful slopes in the world – those of Bormio – which in 2026 will be the undisputed protagonists of the Winter Olympics.

The schools offer private lessons and group courses in skiing, snowboarding, telemarking, mountaineering and snowshoeing for adults and children and special lessons for people with disabilities.
Lessons are held in Italian, English, German, French and Russian.

Learning to ski in Bormio

Learning to ski is fun and easy with the help of a ski instructor on the blue ski runs/beginner areas.

In Bormio the beginner terrain is located in the following places:

• Bormio 2000 (1,945 m)

A few steps away from the top station of the cableway, at 2,000 meters above sea level, you can use a wide beginner area completely renovated for the 2023/2024 winter season.

The slope has a very gentle grade, perfect for learning to ski and snowboard. Added values of the location are the view of the Alpine peaks surrounding Bormio and the quiet and relaxed environment. The beginner area is also well served by bars, restaurants and ski depot.

Furthermore, at the base of the newbie slopes there is a "Kids Time" area, designed for the whole family's snow experience with climbing slides, swings with cute little animals, PVC games and comfortable seats to allow parents to relax while checking on the children.

For your ski lesson: the magic carpets Marmotta and Gipeto, and the ski lifts Scoiattoli 1 and 2.

• Ciuk (1,636 m)

This area is reachable by car, too. Here you will find a small learning pod, served by the magic carpet Lepre Bianca. Bars and restaurant nearby.
Ideal for your family.

campo scuola sci bormio 200: vista dall'alto
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