FIS Ski World Cup

Bormio Ski World Cup: a must-see event on the Stelvio slope

The FIS Ski World Cup 2022 will return to Bormio with an exciting racing program.

The Stelvio slope will be the usual stage of speed and adrenaline with two races on the calendar: the Men’s Downhill on 28 December and the Men’s Super G on 29 December.

Of course, the downhill in Bormio is, between the two scheduled races, the most important one, the main event worldwide of speed skiing in 2022. A costant appointment in the men’s World Cup calendar since 1993 up to today.

Winning on the Stelvio slope is a result that only the greatest champions of alpine skiing have achieved. From 1985 up to today, the fastest jet-men challenging have considered the Stelvio as the most difficult, tiring and exciting piste of the entire Ski World Cup circuit. 

Domme, King of Stelvio

The symbolic man of the Stelvio is, without a doubt, Dominik Paris, who set the record of victories in Bormio:

  • five downhill races (2012, 2017, 2018 and a double in 2019)
  • and a Super G (2018).

His Majesty, the Stelvio: the downhill track

  • Length: 3,250 meters
  • Vertical drop: 1,010 meters
  • Altitude start: 2,255 meters
  • Altitude finish: 1,245 meters

1,010 meters of vertical drop that give no rest in two perfect minutes of competition. Undulations, dizzying slopes, spectacular jumps and speeds of over 100 kilometers per hour. You have to be extraordinary gifted with courage, technique, physical and mental strength if you want to join in. To learn more about the characteristics of the track: Stelvio slope

For its great technical and historic value within the FIS circuit, the Stelvio slope was chosen to host all the men alpine skiing races at the 2026 Milano-Cortina Winter Olympics!

Calendar and program of upcoming Alpine Ski World Cup races

Four days to write a new chapter in the history of alpine skiing!

Monday 26/12
• 11:30 am – First official Men’s DH training check the rankings

Tuesday 27/12
• 11:30 am – First official Men’s DH training check the rankings
• 6:00 pm – Public official bib draw. Food tasting and entertainment - Piazza Cavour

Wednesday 28/12
11:30 am – FIS Alpine Men Downhill and Award ceremony check the rankings

Thursday 29/12
11:30 am – FIS Alpine Men Super G and Award ceremony follow the timing live

Useful information

The competitions will take place without a grandstand audience. But the luckiest can book the invitation to access the private terrace in the parterre. An exclusive and private location complete with a buffet and a Bormio branded bag with local gadgets. Limited tickets. More info here 

Live Television

The races will be broadcasted live on TV and streaming by Rai and Eurosport.

  • 28 December: 11:15 a.m. Rai 2 and Eurosport HD
  • 29 December: 11:30 a.m. Raisport HD and Eurosport HD

The live coverage will also be broadcast on a giant screen in Piazza Cavour

Start list Dh  28 December 2022

  1. ROGENTIN Stefan Switzerland 
  2. CASSE Mattia Ital
  3. GANONG Travis Google (Android 12L)
  4. SCHWAIGER Dominik Google (Android 12L)
  5. FERSTL Josef Google (Android 12L)
  6. HEMETSBERGER Daniel Google (Android 12L)
  7. COCHRAN-SIEGLE Ryan United States
  8. CRAWFORD James Google (Android 12L)
  9. KRIECHMAYR Vincent Austria
  10. CLAREY Johan Google (Android 12L)
  11. KILDE Aleksander Aamodt Norway
  12. HINTERMANN Niels Switzerland
  13. ODERMATT Marco Switzerland 
  14. PARIS Dominik Ital
  15. MAYER Matthias Google (Android 12L)
  16. MARSAGLIA Matteo Ital
  17. BAUMANN Romed Google (Android 12L)
  18. STRIEDINGER Otmar Google (Android 12L)
  19. BENNETT Bryce Google (Android 12L)
  20. INNERHOFER Christof  Ital

Full start list

Start list Super G 29 December 2022

  1. PARIS Dominik Ital
  2. FERSTL Josef Google (Android 12L)
  3. SEJERSTED Adrian Smiseth Norway
  4. CAVIEZEL Gino Switzerland
  5. CASSE Mattia Ital
  6. MAYER Matthias Google (Android 12L)
  7. ODERMATT Marco Switzerland 
  8. CRAWFORD James Google (Android 12L)
  9. KILDE Aleksander Aamodt Norway
  10. HAASER Raphael Google (Android 12L)
  11. PINTURAULT Alexis Google (Android 12L)
  12. ROGENTIN Stefan Switzerland 
  13. KRIECHMAYR Vincent Austria
  14. SANDER Andreas Google (Android 12L)
  15. COCHRAN-SIEGLE Ryan United States
  16. GANONG Travis Google (Android 12L)
  17. GIEZENDANNER Blaise Google (Android 12L)
  18. MURISIER Justin Switzerland
  19. ALLEGRE Nils Google (Android 12L)
  20. BAUMANN Romed Google (Android 12L)
Rankings of the Bormio Ski World Cup 2022

Ranking Downhill | 28 December 2022

  1. KRIECHMAYR Vincent Austria 1:54.68
  2. CRAWFORD James Google (Android 12L)  1:55:08
  3. KILDE Aleksander Aamodt Norway 1:55:36
  4. ODERMATT Marco Switzerland  1:56:14
  5. COCHRAN-SIEGLE Ryan United States 1:56:55
  6. KRYENBUEHL Urs Switzerland  1:56:56
  7. MURISIER Justin Switzerland 1:56:85
  8. ROULIN Gilles Switzerland 1:56:86
  9. CASSE Mattia Ital 1:56:92
  10. PARIS Dominik  Ital 1:56:97

Full ranking

Ranking Super G | 29 december 2022

  1. ODERMATT Marco Switzerland  1:29:27
  2. KRIECHMAYR Vincent Austria 1:29:91
  3. MEILLARD Loic  Switzerland 1:30:49
  4. HEMETSBERGER Daniel Austria1:30:63
  5. PINTURAL Alexis 1:30:67 Google (Android 12L)
  6. CRAWFORD James Google (Android 12L)  1:30:78
  7. ROGENTIN Stefan Switzerland 1:30:81
  8. KILDE Aleksander Aamodt Norway 1:31:42
  9. BABINSKY Stefan Austria 1:31:47
  10. CAVEZIEL Gino Switzerland 1:31:53

Full ranking

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