Bormio Skipass

The Bormio ski area is located in the heart of the Alta Valtellina region within an evocative and unique setting: the Stelvio National Park. Ski runs for all levels and tastes, from the family parks for children and beginners to the tracks shaped for the Ski World Cup champions.

The lift ticket called BORMIO SKIPASS allows you to ski in 3 different ski areas for a total of 110 km of ski slopes:

  • Santa Caterina (7 lifts and 35 km of slopes), a white paradise nestled in the Stelvio National Park
  • Bormio (14 lifts and 50 km of slopes), the ultimate summit-to-base ski run in the Alps. In the legend of world skiing since 1985 (and venue that will host the 2026 Winter Olympics)
  • Cima Piazzi-San Colombano (10 lifts and 25 km of slopes), the family-sized ski area 

The three ski areas are connected by a ski bus service (free for ski pass holders) which allows you to reach the ski resorts quickly.


Not only in Bormio! If you are also interested in the Livigno ski area, assess the purchase of the Alta Valtellina Skipass.

Do you want to access ski resorts throughout the entire Lombardia Region? Find out how thanks to the Anef Lombardia Ski Pass.

Buy your ski pass online:
the sooner you buy, the less you spend!

In Bormio the prices of the 4-hour, one-day and multi-day ski passes will no longer be fixed but dynamic, i.e. they will vary from day to day.
discounts up to

If purchased in advance and online, your ski pass will have an advantageous price compared to the ticket bought on the spot the same day.


Buy in advance and take advantage of a number of notable benefits:

  • Skip the line: Buy your ski pass online and avoid the queue at the ticket office. Receive the card directly at your home, alternatively you can collect it on site.
  • Save money: Buy in advance to get the best possible price. Remember: the sooner you buy, the less you spend!
  • Get the best: Rent skis, book lessons and experiences, and build the ideal holiday package for you. Guarantee of quality service and assistance 7/7.


Skipass in Bormio: prices and offers 2024/2025

A holiday on the snow is a memorable moment and with Bormio Skipass you get many discount solutions and benefits.

Dynamic prices, discounts for families, groups and many others: discover the 2024/2025 offers and make your purchase. You can do it from the comfort of your home: the Bormio Skipass at the best price can only be found online!

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And for the loyalists? Seasonal ski pass

If you are a regular in our area and you can’t resist the call of the Vertical Fun of Bormio Ski, we recommend that you consider purchasing a seasonal ski pass. 

Special offers 2024/2025

With Bormio Skipass you have advantageous discounts!

Do not miss the fun of the mountains: thanks to the discounts on the rates you can choose to immerse yourself in the snow at affordable prices.

Baby free

If the parent buys a ski pass valid pass from 1 to 21 consecutive days the child (belonging to the category Baby) gets a free ski pass of the same duration.

Discover the conditions

  • Baby: born in 2017 or younger
  • Please show a proper identification document
  • Free baby ski pass delivered only with name and photo printed on


Discounted prices on BORMIO SKIPASS from 2 to 21 consecutive days. Sales starting from 5% on groups made of minimum 20 people.
The offer is not valid from 23/12/2024 to 6/01/2025.
snowpark bormio the jungle

Junior 50%

Children born between 2009 and 2016 ski at a special price for the entire season. They are entitled to a discount up to half the price reserved for adults on daily and multi-day ski passes.

Find out the conditions

  • Junior: born between 2009 and 2016
  • The Junior price shown in the price list is already discounted
  • Please show a valid identity document



If you buy 4 hours, daily and multi-day ski passes through our online channel on in advance of the chosen date, the prices are not fixed but dynamic. That means that prices vary from day to day depending on availability.

You may find your ski pass discounted from 5% to 25% compared to the same ticket purchased at the ticket office the same day. Attention, however, the discounted ski passes are present in limited quantities and may run out quickly. Those who first buy, less spend.

Buying online in advance ensures a series of significant advantages.

  • Skip the queue - By purchasing your ski pass online, you avoid the queue at the ticket office. You can either receive the card directly at home or pick it up on-site. In the ticket office, Snowit cards are on the external shelf of the counters. Take one, log into your account on the Bormio Ski shop, access your order, and click on the "activate your ski pass" button, entering the card code. Once completed, the ski pass is active, and you can go skiing! Save money
  • Buying in advance allows you to secure the best possible price. Remember: the earlier you buy, the less you spend.
  • Ensure the best - Rent skis, book lessons and experiences, and build the ideal holiday package with just a few clicks. Guaranteed quality service and 7/7 assistance.

There is no set time limit. From October 2023 all ticket types are already available for sale. Tickets that can be purchased with a discount of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% or 25% are limited and may run out quickly, especially for the most requested periods such as holidays. If you already know with certainty what are the dates of your stay, we recommend you to buy your ski pass as soon as possible.

The maximum discount you could find is 25%. Once the availability for that discount range is finished, the system automatically makes available the tickets of the lower discount range and so on until the available tickets run out. Potentially up to the day before your arrival, you can find a great price online. Log in now on

The ski passes purchased online are neither refundable nor modifiable, nor transferable. This applies even in the case of partial use, cancellation of the holiday, illness, or any force majeure event.

Yes, partial reimbursement of the ski pass is possible only in the case of a proven skiing accident, certified by the First Aid certificate, attesting to the inability to engage in skiing activities. The ski pass is refunded exclusively to the injured party; passes for any family members and companions are not refundable. In all other cases, such as, but not limited to, illness, personal reasons, etc., no refund is provided.

For season passes, the calculation is done weekly, starting from the date of purchase, with a deduction of 30% for the first week and subsequent weeks on a sliding scale. After 9 weeks from the purchase date, no refund is recognized. For multi-day passes, the refund amount is determined by the difference between the amount paid and the price of the pass corresponding to the days used. Refunds for injury must be requested by the end of the ski season by contacting or directly approaching the administrative offices of Bormio Ski.

In the booking confirmation email, you will find all the instructions to activate your card. Visit the Bormio Ski counters and pick up a Snowit card, which is available outside the service windows. Go to the 'Orders' section of your account on the Bormio Ski shop and select the check-in option. Enter the 8-digit number found on the back of the Snowit card, and your ski pass will be activated. Your Snowit card is now active, and you can proceed to the lift and pass through the turnstile.

If you already have a Snowit Card linked to your account, your ski pass has been automatically activated after your purchase.

We’re really sorry, but we can’t help you. As indicated in the conditions of purchase, ski passes purchased online are neither refundable, nor modifiable, nor renamed.

Contact Snowit support for assistance.
Send an email to or call the number +39 0281480511.


For non-skiers, individual and double lift rides are available for purchase, as well as packages that include a lift ride up to Bormio 3000 with lunch included. Visit the Bormio Ski shop and buy the ticket of your choice. In the confirmation email, you will receive a QR code that grants you direct access to the turnstile.

Present yourself at the counter, fill out the self-certification for loss, and we will be able to reprint your document at a cost of €30 plus an additional €5 deposit for the new key card.

We do not have a way to retrieve the issuance code for the 4-hour, daily, or multi-day ski pass. Therefore, we advise everyone, before starting to ski, to take a photo of their ski pass. In case of loss, if you have a photo with the keycard code, we will be able to block the previous card and reissue it at a cost of €30 plus a €5 deposit for the new keycard. Unfortunately, if you have not previously taken a photo of the ski pass, we won't be able to assist you."

No. If the 4-hour ticket has expired, it is no longer usable. Go to the Bormio 2000 ticket office and purchase a single return ticket.

In this case, the best solution is to purchase the Bormio 2000 round trip/ return trip in combination with the purchase of the points card that will allow you to use the ski lifts easier. The points pass is not valid for the Bormio-Bormio 2000 cable car or for the Bormio 2000-Cima Bianca cable car.

You can buy 10/20/50 or 100 points. Each step on the plants has a specific point value:

  • 10 points: chairlifts 2000-Cimino, Valbella - 3000, Fontanalonga - Valbella
  • 5 points: Seggovia Pian dei Larici
  • 4 points: chairlift Ciuk - Laghetti
  • 2 points: Squirrel ski lift 1 and 2
  • 1 point: Marmot, Gipeto, Trudi Park, Lepre Bianca carpets

Residual points are not refundable under any circumstances. Alternatively, contact the ski school, and they will be able to assist you in choosing the option that best suits your needs.

No, there is no family package. We decided to activate the dynamic online rates, which allow everyone to save up to 25%, indistinguishable from the household.

Yes, if you purchase a ski pass with a validity of 3 days or more, for every parent who buys a ski pass, a complimentary ski pass will be granted to a child born in 2016 or later. This promotion is only active in the ratio of one parent to one child. In the case of two children and one adult, one child will ski with the complimentary pass, and the second child will require a paid pass.

The offer is applicable only on the condition of presenting a valid identification document at the counter. If the child prefers to activate a ski pass only for themselves, then complimentary access is not provided.

No, there is no transferable ticket. Each ticket is personal. If at the check it turns out that someone is using another person’s ticket, the ticket /skipass will be collected by our staff and cancelled.

Yes, by presenting a certificate attesting to a disability level of 50% or higher, a 30% discount will be recognized. The ski pass can be purchased exclusively at the ticket counters.

Yes, you can purchase an open-date ski pass that can be used on any day until the end of the current season. You can buy it at the ticket counters or online at this link

No, the 4-hour or daily ski pass can only be used for the chosen location at the time of purchase.

Yes, starting from two days the ticket can be used in several locations to choose between Bormio, Cima Piazzi San Colombano or Santa Caterina.

The ski pass "Bormio Skipass" allows you to ski in 3 ski areas for a total of 110 km of slopes.

  • Santa Caterina (7 lifts and 35 km of slopes), a white paradise immersed in the Stelvio National Park;
  • Bormio (14 lifts and 50 km of slopes), the best skiing in the Alps, from the top to the bottom of the valley that has been part of the world’s skiing legend since 1985 (and the location that will host the Milan Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics);
  • Cima Piazzi-San Colombano (10 lifts and 25 km of slopes), the family ski area.

The three ski areas are connected by a ski bus service (free for ski pass holders) that allows you to reach the ski resorts in a short time. The tri-district skipass "Bormio Skipass" can be purchased both as a season ticket and as a subscription 10 days not consecutive, both as a multi-day ski pass from 2 days.

The Alta Valtellina ski pass allows you to ski on over 200 km of slopes in the ski areas of:

  • Livigno (31 lifts and 115 km of slopes)
  • Bormio (14 lifts and 50 km of slopes)
  • Santa Caterina (7 lifts and 35 km of slopes)
  • Cima Piazzi-San Colombano (10 lifts and 25 km of slopes).

The Alta Valtellina ski pass can be purchased both as a season ticket and as a multi-day ski pass starting from 3 days.

The ticket offices of Bormio and Bormio 2000 accept payment in cash (euro), credit cards and debit cards.

Yes, the days purchased are consecutive. Every day not used, is not recoverable for any reason.

No. In winter, weather conditions often change very quickly, especially at high altitude. In the event of rain or snow jeopardizing the safety of users, it is our responsibility to temporarily or throughout the day suspend the use of one or more systems.This situation does not require the activation of refund for users, who can ski in other areas of the mountain.

Yes. If weather conditions or unforeseen malfunctions prevent the full opening of the total number of lifts, you can receive a refund by requesting it through the channel used for the purchase.

Those who purchased online can request a refund for the day by writing to, while those who purchased at the counter can contact the ticket office operator by showing the purchased ticket.

You can check the operation of each system through the lifts and slopes page of the Bormio Ski website or by consulting the monitors updated in real time in the ski area. You will find updated information also by consulting our social channels.

No. Of course, there are specific tracks dedicated exclusively to the event where no one can access on the race days and the days leading up to it. The rest of the ski area is open, and there are two tunnels, one at Bormio 2000 and one in the Ciuk area, created specifically to allow skiers to cross the Stelvio, the legendary World Cup track, without any issues.

No, there are no reductions on the ski pass for those days. The World Cup takes place on the 28th and 29th of December along the Stelvio slope

Yes. In Italy, starting from last year (January 1, 2022), it became mandatory for all skiers to take out an insurance policy covering third-party liability for unintentional damage to others and property. If a person already has an existing private insurance, they won't need to activate additional coverage.

Otherwise, they can purchase SnowCare insurance at the ticket counter simultaneously with the ski pass for the entire duration. Even during the online purchase procedure, you can combine the SnowCare policy.

At the time of purchase, we ask our customers if they want to activate the civil liability insurance with Snowcare. This policy costs €3 per day for adults/seniors, €1.5 for juniors, and is inclusive of legal protection, emergency medical expenses, driver at disposal, rescue on Italian slopes, rescue on foreign slopes, unused ski pass cancellation due to injury, illness, or quarantine, lesson cancellation, and/or ski equipment rental cancellation due to injury, medical repatriation. Learn more by clicking here.


Yes, with the purchase of a Alta Valtellina ski pass, you are entitled to use the ski bus that connects the ski areas of Bormio, Cima Piazzi-San Colombano, Santa Caterina, and Livigno.

If you have a ski pass for 2 days or more, you have the right to use the ski bus for Bormio, Cima Piazzi-San Colombano, and Santa Caterina by presenting the ski pass to the driver.

The bus stops are located near the start of the lifts. Find more information on the bus website

Yes, but in the case of a large group better inform in advance the offices of the Perego Transport Company that will organize to better manage the service.Tel +39 0342 905090

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