Over the past few years we have been looking at this phenomenon called  “twisting of seasons”. Years ago winter would always come along with big time snowing that would guarantee the regular preparation of the slopes and their opening. It’s not like that anymore. And so, artificial snow making has become fundamental.

Bormio Ski has decided to trust the highly qualified company Technoalpin, an absolute leader into the snowmaking industry. We invested about 8.5 millions of Euros for our snowmaking system. It was an investment that was fully repaid. To give you the perfect example, in 2005 we hosted the Alpine Ski World Cup which took place entirely on artificial snow!

artificial snow making in the ski area of bormio

Our snow making system

  • is equipped with 300 snow points: 190 fixed guns and 50 mobile guns available for 110 points
  • has a production capacity of 1.250 mc/h
  • guarantees excellent snow making on 80 % of the slopes.

The water supply works wonderfully and that allow us, during World Cup races, to make snow at the same time on the slopes reserved for races and on the ones dedicated to tourists.