Snowpark Bormio is the ideal place for freeskiers and snowboarders. It is situated on the side of the Stella Alpina slope and it is easily reachable by the three-seater chairlift Bormio 2000 – Pian dei Larici. The snowpark is 500-meter long and has a 200-meter vertical drop.

Our team of shapers and groomer drivers will guarantee perfect conditions of the structures and awesome grooming of the landings.

Snowpark Bormio: set up 2016/2017

Last update on March 3, 2017

  • 12-meter big air kicker
  • 4-meter pole jam
  • 1-meter kicker
  • 4-meter kicker
  • 4-meter rail
  • 4-meter picnic table
  • 3-meter bench
  • 6-meter rail
  • 8-meter rail
  • 6-meter box
  • 4-meter flatdown

The Team

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Snowpark Bormio



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