Ski depot

New ski depot on the slopes

How much would you like to find your ski gear right on the slopes? We don’t mean nearby, but literally on the ski slopes. How comfortable would it be to leave your house without loading any ski carrier or the trunk of your car? We have the solution for you: heated and ventilated ski lockers – right on the slopes – where you can deposit your stuff and leave it there overnight and find it, dry and warm, the following day.

Discover the new 2022 highlight of Bormio Rental: a new ski depot in Bormio 2000. A cozy and modern environment equipped with 82 lockers with drying system. Here you can store your belongings in a safe and dry place.

You can store skis, boards, boots, poles, helmets, your ski clothes.

Our system is powered by Wintersteiger.

Heated and ventilated ski lockers

The ski lockers have intuitive holders thant ensure that helmets and boots are dried. The lockers are meant for maximum 2 or 5 people.

The ski pass is the key

No keys or other cards. Your ski pass is all you need to have in order to open your locker.

The ski pass opens the locker and it also gives access to the ski depot, which becomes an exclusive area just for authorized users.

Ski depot on the slopes

Our ski depot is located on the ski slopes, in Bormio 2000 by the bottom station of the cablecar Whitelady3000.

The depot is a service not only for the clients of Bormio Rental but also for people with their own private ski gear.

Our ski depot in Bormio 2000 is the solution that solves any possible inconvenience related to alpine skiing.

Imagine yourself: you leave home with your family and you are all wearing sneakers. The trunk of your car and your ski carrier are empty. You arrive to the lifts and you take the cableway up to Bormio 2000. You are still wearing you comfy sneakers. Once you get to Bormio 2000, you find – right in front of you – the ski depot. You open the door of the depot by placing your ski pass on the reader and the door opens automatically. You go to your locker where you find your personal belongings absolutely warm, dry, ready to wear. You dress up and you are ready to enjoy your ski day. You literally already are on the ski slopes. At the end of the day, store your stuff back into your locker, ready for a next day.

Enjoy easy, no-stress days. Unbeatable days.

Ski depot Bormio 2000 prices

Following the price list for the winter season 2022/2023.

Take advantage of the promo on the season pass!

PRICES SKI DEPOT BORMIO 2000 (Winter season 2022/2023)
2-people locker 5-people locker
1 day € 12.00 € 24.00
2 days € 23.00 € 46.00
3 days € 32.50 € 66.00
4 days € 41.00 € 84.00
5 days € 48.00 € 100.00
6 days € 54.00 € 115.00
7 days € 59.00 € 126.00
Season € 240.00 € 500.00

The ski depot is a service by Bormio Rental. Contact us for further information.