Conditions of sale

General conditions of sale and use of ski lifts and ski slopes - Winter season 2023/2024

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  1. By purchasing and using the ski pass, the user declares to fully understand and accept these GENERAL SALES CONDITIONS, displayed to the public at the cash desks and published on the website

  2. The opening and end of season date is established by the company on the basis of the climatic and snow conditions. For the current season, the opening date is 01/12/2023 and the closing date is 07/04/2024, unless opening is postponed or closing is anticipated for weather, snow or energy crisis reasons.

  3. All tickets issued are valid during the normal operating hours of the ski lifts and for the duration of the ski season established by each Company, in compliance with the provisions established or which will be issued from time to time by the Authorities for the containment of the contagion from Sars-CoV-2, such as by way of example and not exhaustive: Green pass obligation, quota on closed lifts or ski day booking. It is understood that any type of ticket loses its validity at the end of the winter season during which it was issued.

  4. Rates are usually applied throughout the season. The company reserves the right to adjust the rates and regulations during the season if there are changes in the fiscal order or for other important factors including the limitation of the capacity of the lifts decided by the Authorities.

  5. The company reserves the right to decide the opening and closing of the lifts and slopes at its sole discretion without this affecting the ticket price. The opening of all the lifts and the skiability of all the slopes are not guaranteed. The lifts and slopes are open to the public as per the operating program prepared by the Management. Due to force majeure (electromechanical faults, adverse weather conditions, etc.) or for the carrying out of events, competitions or competitive training, one or more lifts as well as slopes may be closed to the public without this constituting any reason for compensation to the ski pass holder. It is expressly forbidden to use the ski slopes outside the operating hours: transgressors will be responsible for any consequences of this violation. To deal with the energy crisis and the negative forecasts on the trend of energy supply costs, the functioning of the lifts and skiable slopes will be decided daily at the manager's discretion with possible limitations on the use of the skiable area and of usable facilities. Upon the occurrence of this event due to the Management's unquestionable decision, the exclusion of any form of reimbursement or indemnity is expressly foreseen, which the user explicitly accepts with the conclusion of the ski pass purchase contract, renouncing any claim. On the website, in the appropriate section, the ski lifts and ski slopes open for a single day will be indicated, as well as on the monitors installed at the Bormio ticket offices that the user can consult before buying the ski pass.

  6. The skier skis at his own risk; the choice of slope and speed must be appropriate to one's abilities, the snow conditions of the slope, the signs, the weather and visibility conditions.

  7. The legislative decree n. 41/2021 of 02/28/2021 Conversion law n. 109 of July 2021 introduced the safety rules:
    - all users of the ski slopes under the age of 18 are obliged to wear a suitable protective helmet
    - The skier who uses the alpine ski slopes must have valid insurance that covers his/her civil liability for damage or injury caused to third parties
    - Possibility for the police to carry out checks to ascertain whether the skier is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    At all the company's ticket offices, it is possible to purchase, together with the ticket, an insurance policy for civil liability for damage caused to people or things.

  8. For the use of the ski slopes by skiers, please refer to the Regional Law of 8 October 2002 n. 26, to the Regional Regulation no. 22 of 6 December 2003 as well as to the standard contract for the use of skiable areas in the territory of the Lombardy Region.
    The management declines all responsibility for any damage deriving from the improper use of the lifts as well as for the consequences of unlawful behavior by users while staying on the lifts and on the slopes. In any case, the user is advised to observe the rules of good behavior and prudence.

  9. It is forbidden for the user to travel the slopes after the service hours. Violators will be held responsible for any consequences, both civilly and criminally, for such a violation.
  10. The general conditions of sale refer to the price lists displayed to the public which must be considered as an integral part of these regulations.

  11. The ski pass, transport document, performs the function of receipt (Ministerial Decree 06/30/1992 and subsequent amendments and additions) and constitutes the only document suitable for proving the conclusion of the contract between the lift company and the transported person, who , in case of failure to show at the request of the personnel in charge, is required to pay the amount due for the route travelled.

  12. At the time of purchasing the ski pass, the customer must verify that it corresponds with the requirements; it is not possible to subsequently change or extend the duration of a card already in use. For passes valid from 5 days, it is possible to purchase a one-day extension of the validity of the original pass at the 4-hour ski pass rate.

  13. To obtain delivery of the named ticket, it is necessary to provide your identification data, as well as, where required, a recent photograph with an uncovered face that makes the identity of the person entitled to the named ticket easily recognizable.  At the time of purchase and before the ticket is issued, the passenger must indicate the right to any reductions (Senior, Junior, Baby) by presenting a valid identity document. The passenger is obliged to verify at the time of purchase that the ticket issued corresponds to the service requested by him. After the first use, travel tickets cannot be replaced and/or refunded under any circumstances.
    The ski pass is a strictly personal document and cannot be transferred to third parties, even free of charge, exchanged or altered.

  14. With the purchase of free ski passes for children born after 01/01/2016, the accompanying adult declares to know the rules established by article 2048 of the Civil Code regarding the liability of minors. The transport of the child takes place under the guardianship and responsibility of the accompanying adult.

  15. For the issue of the device (keycard) in which the ticket is incorporated, the passenger is required to pay an additional sum as a security deposit quantified in € 5.00 which will be reimbursed upon return of the device in the same conditions in which the transporter received it.

  16. The cost of the Anef Lombardia seasonal pass already includes the cost of the keycard and this support will become the customer's property; deposits from previous years will not be refunded.

  17. The device or any other type of support (ticket, ID card) must be shown at each request by the control staff, who must be able to verify its validity and regular belonging to the passenger.

  18. The ski pass is a strictly personal document and cannot be transferred to third parties, even free of charge, exchanged or altered. The use of the ticket or the device in a way different from the terms of the contracts, the abuse, the alteration and any other behavior of the passenger aimed at taking an unfair advantage from the ticket or the device that incorporates it determines the termination of the contract due to non-fulfilment of the transported person pursuant to art. 1456 of the Civil Code, without giving the right to refunds, remaining in the company's right to act for compensation for any greater damage suffered, even if the travel document is issued in non-nominative form. The verification of the correct use of each type of card can take place in remote mode after transit through the turnstiles using the "Photo compare" system present on some lifts, which makes it possible to verify the identity of those transiting through the turnstiles through non-automated facial recognition. In the event of a mismatch between the holder of the purchased travel document and the person transiting the lifts, the ski pass will be blocked.

  19. Travel tickets have the following validity:
    - Anef Lombardia season tickets valid on the facilities of 30 winter sports stations in the Lombardy Region (list on
    - Seasonal and multi-day Alta Valtellina passes valid on the lifts of Livigno, Bormio, Santa Caterina Valfurva, Cima Piazzi-San Colomban
    - Seasonal and multi-day Bormio ski passes valid on the lifts of Bormio, Santa Caterina Valfurva, Cima Piazzi-San Colombano
    - Bormio 4-hour and 1-day passes valid only on Bormio lifts
    - San Colombano 4-hour and 1-day passes valid on the Cima Piazzi-San Colombano lifts

  20. There are no refunds for the points card in the case of unused residual points

  21. The 4-hour ticket is valid on the day of issue and starts from the first access to the lift turnstile

  22. Ski passes, with the exception of the season pass, 10 non-consecutive days and points, are all for consecutive days

  23. Ski passes
    - free, complimentary and with discounted rates are issued with Name and Surname
    - baby ski passes are issued with Name, Surname and photograph
    - ski passes from 6 days are issued with a photograph
    - ski passes starting from 9 days are issued with Name, Surname and photograph
    - seasonal and 10 non-consecutive days are issued with Name, Surname and photograph
    - The 10-day non-consecutive ski pass is nominative and personal, and can be used throughout the winter season. Unused days are not refunded and the card expires at the end of the season.

  24. For consecutive multi-day ski passes which are valid between periods with different rates, the rate of the period in which the greatest number of days falls, or for the same number of days, the higher rate will apply.

  25. Online ski pass
    Ski passes purchased through the webshop are valid only in the winter season of issue and for the period of validity indicated in the purchase procedure. Online sales are regulated by the dynamic price variation system with a reduction on the list price differentiated by the advance time in the purchase. The particular rates of the online shop will never be applied to cashier sales, even in the event of a malfunction of the site and the online shop. The ski pass purchased online is never refundable even in the event of partial use, cancellation of the holiday, illness or any cause of force majeure

  26. Mypass and Telepass
    The two external platforms of Mypass and Telepass are active on our lifts for automatic access to the lift gates.
    The company does not assume any guarantee towards the user of Mypass and Telepass regarding the quantification and debit of ski passes made by third parties, it being understood that any dispute must be resolved with the two service providers.

  27. Refund for injury
    There is the possibility of partial reimbursement of the ski pass only in the event of a skiing accident proven by the First Aid certificate attesting the impossibility to carry out the skiing activity. The ski pass is refunded only to the injured person, the passes of any family members and companions are non-refundable. In all other cases, for example, but not limited to illness, personal reasons, no reimbursement is foreseen.
    For season passes, the calculation is made per week starting from the date of purchase of the season pass and deducting 30% for the first week and deducting for subsequent weeks. No refunds are given after 9 weeks of purchase.
    For multi-day cards, the refund value is given by the difference between the price paid and the price of the card corresponding to the days used. Reimbursement of passes due to accidents must be requested by the end of the ski season.

  28. In the event of loss or if the passenger renders the device incorporating the named ticket unusable, the company is required (if the passenger provides the data suitable for unambiguously identifying the device possessed or the device number, the ski pass number, the data identifiers of the holder, the day and time of issue) to cancel the device and issue a new one in favor of the applicant, who at the same time will have to pay the sum of € 5.00 again as a security deposit and a further amount of € 30.00 as reimbursement of expenses for blocking and reissue of the card.
    Unused or partially used, deteriorated or withdrawn and canceled ski passes and value cards will not be replaced or refunded.

  29. Special rates and tariff concessions – to be requested by presenting a valid identification document
    29.1. Baby Ski pass (from 3 to 21 consecutive days): children born after 01/01/2016 are issued a strictly personal free ticket, non-transferable, non-replaceable in case of loss, with a duration equal to that of the ticket paid at the same time by the parent companion.
    The same discount is granted to children (born in 2016) who are not skiers and accompanied by a parent with a valid ticket for the relative journey. The gratuity is intended in the ratio of one child per paying accompanying parent.
    29.2. Juniors born 01/01/2008-31/12/2015 – Seniors born from 1959 and previous years
    29.3. Disabled people who present a certificate attesting a disability of more than 50% are entitled to a 30% discount on the relative price list starting from the day pass.
    29.4. Blind skiers who must be accompanied are issued a free card combined with one at the normal rate
    29.5. The pre-established groups, presenting a list of names of the participants with indication of the dates of birth for senior, junior and baby accompanied by the identification document, are entitled to discounted ski passes with increasing percentages in reference to the number of ski passes purchased. Send a request to for a personalized quote.
    29.6. For ski instructors and mountain guides with a valid C.C.T. and ISIA Card, starting from the day card, the 30% discount will be recognized
    The cards that allow you to obtain discounted rates are strictly personal; it follows that the purchase of the ticket must be made exclusively by the holder with an identity document and the face of the person using it can be memorized.

  30. For any dispute relating to the validity and execution of the transport contract and these general conditions, reference is made to Italian legislation; for any controversy the Court of Sondrio will have exclusive jurisdiction.