Conditions of sale


The lift pass is strictly personal and cannot be transferred. A personal photo is needed for 9-day or longer passes.

A non-refundable withdrawal of the lift pass may take place in case of violation of rate and transportation conditions, misuse of tickets, non observance of the closing of slopes, forest and conservation areas. Inspections are carried out regularly.
At the time of purchase, the customer must exhibit a valid ID document to obtain the reduction for senior, juniors and baby. No self-certifications are allowed.

For everybody’s safety all clients are requested to follow the signs on the ski runs and the behavioural FIS rules and to ski carefully and according to their abilities.

Kids under 14 must wear a helmet. It is forbidden to climb on the slopes and to ski off the signed runs.


Rate prevalence during season changes

By buying a lift pass during changes of season, the price depends on the majority of days in high or low season. Days being equal, the higher rate will always be applied.



Lift passes cannot be refunded or replaced due to bad weather, loss, theft, withdrawal for misuse, closure of lifts (even partial due to bad weather conditions), closure of ski runs (even partial for lack of snow, competitions or training session), illness or departure in advance.

Only in case of ski accident a refund is available. The unused days will be refunded upon presentation of a medical report signed by a local doctor. The refund is possible for the injured person only.


Loss of lift pass

Against payment of € 30 a duplicate will be issued only in case of 2 or more days tickets whose number (printed on the left side above the duration) is known.


Key Card

The lift passes are loaded on electronics card (KEY CARD) upon payment of a €5 deposit that will be given back when returning the intact and functioning pass to the ticket offices. The key card must be worn on the left side of the jacket, away from mobile phones or other devices with radio frequency.