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Funslope Bormio: fun for everyone on the snow! | PHOTOS Funslope Party

Funslope Bormio is the new attraction of Bormio Ski 2017/2018. It's a unique course made of snow waves, parabolic curves and big hands to give high fives.
There is no room for boredom in Bormio: the funslope is an incredible mix of elements for the entertainment of the whole family!

Funslope Bormio 2017/18
Funslope Bormio is an attraction on the snow realized by Bormio Ski in collaboration with young mountain marketing

Funslope Bormio: the course

The shiny red funslope gate shows you the way straight to the speedbost which will give you the right push for the snow waves. Following, you find Slopy, the funslope mascot, who welcomes you with a big smile, and if you give him a high-five, get ready to hear one of his cheeky sayings.
Fun continues on the gigantic fun twister with the exit through the tunnel.
The course ends with a little jump and some super fast parabolic curves and a final snow tunnel.

Did you have fun? It's time to repeat the adventure.

Check out the video of the Funslope Bormio 

Funslope Party: the end of season event

During the last day of the winter season 2017/18 the ski area held the Funslope Party: a ski cross race organized by Bormio Ski and all the ski schools of the mountain. About 100 people of all ages signed up to the event.

The funslope summoned many visitors during the winter and the final party represented a little celebration of the attraction which is going to be beyond renovated for the season 2018/2019.

All the photos of the Funslope Party

ph: Enrico Pozzi

14 JUNE 2018

by Fabio Giacomelli

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