Bormio Ski is the first ski resort turned into a theme park on the snow.

Skiing is our passion and doing it in Bormio is even more gratifying considering the extraordinary vertical drop of the ski area which is almost 1,800 meters and the several fun opportunies located at different altitudes.

Bormio Ski is The Vertical Fun

Bormio Ski is The Vertical Fun! Join our online community and share the emotion of spending a ski day on our slopes by using the official hashtag #theverticalfun.

#weareverticalfun: bormio ski is the vertical fun

We are people who love ski and the mountain. We are looking for freedom, tranquility and fun and we find those feelings in skiing. There is no difference if you are an ugly skier, a pro race skier, one that wakes up early to get first to the slopes or a clumsy beginner. Within our community there is room for everybody: skiers, snowboarders, mountain lovers…

Bormio Ski is The Vertical Fun on the snow! Put on your skis… and go!

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