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News from the ski area

Ski touring on the slopes is over

BORMIO SKI PRESS RELEASE SKI TOURING ON THE BORMIO SKI AREA Bormio. March 16, 2013 - Bormio Ski announces that the practice of ski touring will no longer be allowed on the Stelvio slope from 5...

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Disney in the snowpark!

From Wednesday January 16 Disney will be back in our snowpark in collaboration with the ski school Nazionale Bormio and the snowboard school Hang Five! Every Wednesday until April 2013 we will invo...

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Ski touring on the slopes after the closing of the ski area

BORMIOSKI PRESS RELEASE SKI TOURING ON THE BORMIO SKI AREA Ski touring is an activity that's been growing a lot over the last few years and many people are becoming more familiar with this sport. B...

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World Cup. Slopes management

On December 29 Bormio will host the World Cup Men's downhill for the 22nd time since 1984.  More than 60 racers from 14 nations are expected to show up and battle for the win on the Stelvio. T...

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The Italian National Team training in Bormio

Today the Italian female athletes have completed their four-day training in Bormio. The specialties in which they've trained were giant slalom on the Stella Alpina slope and super-g on the Praimont...

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Slopes update. The next openings

Bormio, 12-3-12. The recent snowfalls which concerned the level 2000-3000 meters and the lowering of the temperatures (thermal zero is supposed to go down at altitude 500 in the next few days) will...

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Official season opening from December 1

Bormio, 11-29-12. The official opening of the season is getting closer: from Saturday December 1 we are taking it serious and the recent snowfalls are making this start very captivating. In Bormio ...

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BormioSki opens on November 10, 2012!

OFFICIAL REPORT 10-31-2012 BormioSki has made it this year too. We are proud to announce that our lifts are opening on Saturday November 10, 2012. The last snowfalls we had on high altitude and the...

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Snowcannons on. The opening is getting closer

After the last two snowfalls we had this autumn and the lowering of the temperatures which led to the switch on of the snow making system we are happy to announce that the opening of the lifts is g...

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