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Bormio Ski 2023/24: the upcoming ski season news


Hold on tight, a roaring season is coming to leave its mark!

Not only because it is our favorite season and Winter always leaves indelible memories, but also because to welcome you there will be some great news and we can't wait to tell you.

We're still in Autumn but with on our mind we already feel there: the snow creaks under the skis during a magnificent winter day.

Are you guys counting down already?

Winter season 2023-2024

The season will officially open on Friday, December 1 and will end on April 7, 2024.
As every year, during the first weeks of opening (until December 22), the ski passes will be available at a promotional rate.

Ski passes

Also for this season the ski passes and tickets for the lifts can be purchased directly at the ticket offices in Bormio and in Bormio 2000.

As always, we recommend the advance purchase through the online shop where the ticket prices are not fixed but dynamic - as for the purchase of airline tickets - and the opportunities to find advantageous offers up to -25%, never fail.

In addition, buying your ticket online is convenient because it allows you to skip the queue at your arrival, so the day on skis lasts longer.

The sale of ski passes online is already active and if you are planning your holiday in the snow we suggest you not to waste precious time and enter here immediately: https://shop.bormioski.eu

Very interesting are also the ski pass + hotel offers available in the shop.

Quality and professionalism from Bormio Rental

Another opportunity not to be missed is the online service of Bormio Rental.
The practical rental located at the foot of the departure of the cable car offers the opportunity to buy in advance all the ski equipment and find it ready on the day of collection.

On the online rental service is active the discount of 10% and above all, you are guaranteed to have on your feet products/ materials at the forefront and quality certified by Rossignol.

Bormio Rental also offers the services of ski preparation, technical assistance and the convenient storage service active both in town and at the ski depot located at the foot of the slopes of Bormio 2000.

The latest updates

You know by now, in Bormio Ski we never stay still.

We would like your days in the snow to be unforgettable and every year we try to make the service better.

What are the 2 new projects we are working on?

New school camps in Bormio 2000

Here is the first big news: the school camp in Bormio 2000 will be completely renovated for the winter season 2023/2024.
Young skiers and beginners will enjoy a new space, a few steps from the arrival of the gondola, at 2000 meters above sea level.

The slope will have a very gentle hill, perfect for learning skiing and snowboarding.

Added values of the location are the view of the Alpine peaks surrounding Bormio and the very quiet and relaxed environment. The ski area for beginners is also well served by bars, restaurants and ski storage service.

The lifts available for the ski lesson will be: treadmill Marmot and Gipeto, and the ski lifts Squirrels 1 and 2.

Check here the new setting:

Snowpark renovated, come to see The Jungle

And for skiers and snowboarders who are always looking for strong emotions? Here is the second novelty of the Bormio Ski season.
Get ready to challenge the obstacles of the wildest nature, The Jungle is here!

The Snowpark of Bormio Ski is back to talk about it with a whole new look, renovated structures, jumps, wider location and two dedicated lines, a beginner and an intermediate.

The new snowpark is located near the Bei Laghetti restaurant, at 2,055 meters above sea level; it is divided into two sections, the upper part can be reached via the chairlift Pian dei Larici and the lower part can also be reached by the ski lift The Jungle.

The 2023/2024 set-up proposes two different lines composed of both jumps and rails:

  • The beginner line, designed for beginners, has a jib-line very easy with 3 boxes in line, 3 waves of snow for all levels and a jump-line just as easy with 4 jumps in line with a length of the table of 4-5 meters, perfect for familiarizing with air time (time in air);
  • The intermediate line, for intermediate level riders, is composed in the upper part by 3 jumps in line of the length of 5-6 meters, 3 snow waves for all levels and in the lower part by a jib-line of medium-advanced level with 6 obstacles in a row.

When can you try it? Very soon! So, start warming your legs.

For more information: https://www.bormioski.eu/snowpark-bormio/

The events of the 2023/2024 season

Finally, do not forget the unmissable events that will rhythm the winter season of Bormio Ski. As usual we will start breathing the explosive energy of the great champions with the Bormio Fis Ski World Cup races and then we will continue with many weekend of ski tests, music, nature and fun until April.
The calendar of events is constantly updated.

Exclusive experiences will not be lacking. Enjoy unforgettable appointments at 3000 Sunrise with breakfast and skiing at dawn or during the incredible 3000 Sky line, the crossing on foot on the ridge of Vallecetta mountain accompanied by alpine guides.

The countdown to the new season has already begun. Are you ready?

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Bormio Ski 2023/24: the upcoming ski season news

Hold on tight, a roaring season is coming to leave its mark! Not only because it is our favorite season and Winter always leaves indelible memories, but also because to welcome you there will be so...

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