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Peak to Creek. A unique day!


BORMIO - They were more than 400 to challenge the shivering vertical drop of the Vallecetta. The fastest among them was Federico Formenti who has won the third edition of thePeak to Creek with the incredible time of 4:32.99! Second position for Matteo Sangiorgio who speeded out of the gate together with Formenti. Third position for Mattia Bracchi, a local ski instructor. Among women, first place for Marta Magni of the group "amici di Gino", second for Stefania Burba and third for Laura Merlini both of the group "Named". Congratulations to all of them for those great sport performances.

But this is not what Peak to Creek is all about. It's not just about sport and competition. There's a lot more like friendship and good time. Words that are very well rapresented by the many ski clubs that showed up and all the teams with very bizarre and funny names: Beer & Sunshine Boys, Named, Atletico Pizocher, Corsari di Pezzel, amici di Gino, Fantaski Team, Team Brasura, Monza Marathon Team, Gli Skipazzi, M'incricco giù dal picco, Eden, Giochi Preziosi, Powder team, Peak Indolor, Moti, La Baracca-Tonale, Bar da Mario Riva Valdobbia, R.A. Mobili spa.

The best teams: Named, Beer & Sunshine boys, Atletico Pizocher

To win the prize as the biggest team in numbers; the "Beer & Sunshine Boys", a team of friends guests of the Hotel Alpi & Golf  of Alfredo Cantoni representing England, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

The team race was won by Named, second for Beer and Sunshine Boys and third position for the Atletico Pizocher. A special prize (a Parma ham) went to Fernanda Orlandi who had the closest time to the one of Claudio Primavesi, journalist of the Race Ski Magazine which has officially launched theVist Ranking circuit which will award the winners of a special ranking that will sum up the results of  Peak to Creek, Lussarissimo, Gardenissima, Supergrostè and 2Horn downhill.

The "least young" prize was given to Stephan Guentel. Marta Magni won the category A women's in front of Stefania Burba and Laura Merlini; Tiziana Zappa won category B women's in front of Francesca Vanni and Fernanda OrlandiRachel Pentecost was the best in the C women's.
Matteo Sangiorgio was the first in the A men's in front of Mattia Bracchi and Marco Invernizzi; Federico Formenti won the category  B men's in front of Andrea Marelli and Francesco BernasconiAmos Fazzini won the C before Angelo Invernizzi and Elio NevicatoRoberto Fumasoni was the best in the category D before Romano Munari and Alfredo Cantoni.

BormioSki greatly thanks all of them who made this wonderful event possible. Thanks to all the volunteers, the sports group La Pozza dei Matt in the names of Pier, Andrea, Ivan, Pasquale, thank you Angelo Pozzoli and all the time-keeping staff and rescue team, the speaker Silvio, the BormioSki men, the sponsors (Heaven 3000, Credito Valtellinese, Banca Popolare di Sondrio, Skifast, Giochi Preziosi, Beretta, Ande, Level, Vis, Nevi, Salice, Sport Specialist, Bracchi Costruzioni, I reparti di Bormio) and everyone who gave a big hand!

Thank you so much by BormioSki and see ya next year 😉 !

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