Go up to the mountain with our lifts and discover the best trekking routes that Mount Vallecetta offers you. We have selected for you a list of the most interesting itineraries for summer hikes, many of which are, among other things, cataloged among the classic paths in the official cartography of the Comunità Montana Alta Valtellina.

You can choose six itineraries of medium-easy difficulty: three starting from the "mid station", i.e. Bormio 2000, and another three starting from the summit, i.e. Bormio 3000.

The mountain of Bormio in summer is perhaps the natural place that offers the most surprises. Sports lovers can go trekking among the natural landscapes of high altitudes, combining effort with pleasure thanks to the magic of the panorama; and those who simply want to admire the summer mountain peaks can go on easier hikes in the company of their family. But trekking in the mountains doesn't just mean walking in the wild and unspoiled nature; it also means taking a well-deserved break in a hut where you can savor the best of Valtellina food and wine specialties and enjoy the hospitality of the mountain people.

Trekking routes
discover the maps of Bormio’s trails

Bormio not only offers breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable memories for those who stop here while travelling; the resort in the heart of Valtellina has all the credentials to be a real landmark for trekking lovers.

The mountain trails of Bormio are suitable for sports and movement lovers who want to get in touch with nature. Discover the maps of our trails and dive to discover the high altitude.

Bormio trail map
The map contains all the hiking trails in Bormio
Easy walks for young and old
Una famiglia con bambini ammira la vista sulla vallata in montagna.

The mountain of Bormio manages to give great emotions to adrenaline lovers and to those who love to experience the reckless side of high altitude, but not only: the peaks of Valtellina manage to meet the needs of everyone, young and old.

If you are not a lover of daring journeys, but you still don't want to give up getting in touch with unspoiled nature, you can look for the simpler hikes on the mountain of Bormio: the difficulty decreases, but the evocative experience is the same.

And what if you choose to come to Bormio with children? The many mountain paths are able to satisfy even those who come hiking in the mountains with the family: the easy walks allow the little ones to savor the mountain breeze and have an unparalleled experience to tell.

Hikes from Bormio 2000

If you come to Valtellina you cannot fail to pass by the alpine place par excellence: Bormio 2000. In fact, high-altitude hikes certainly have a different flavour.

It can be reached on foot or by cableway: thanks to our lifts, it is possible to reach the destination in complete comfort and then only give vent to the desire for adventure.

Once in Bormio 2000 you just have to choose the trail you prefer and start your outdoor adventure.


  • Sobretta Mountains
  • Bormio 2000 – Bormio
  • Bormio 2000 – Santa Caterina
Sobretta Mountains

19.5KM - 6/7 hours

Do you want to fall in love with the colors of the mountain landscape? Trekking on the Sobretta Mountains will allow you to experience a wonderful day in the nature of Bormio among spruce woods and enchanting panoramic views.

Arm yourself with a camera and capture every moment of a breathtaking landscape!
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Bormio 2000 - Bormio

5.5KM - 2 hours

For those who love hiking and the slow rhythms of the mountains, the walk from Bormio 2000 to Bormio allows you to experience a relaxing walk all downhill and immersed in the summer colors of nature.
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Bormio 2000 - Santa Caterina

14.4KM - 4/5 hours

For nature enthusiasts we recommend the hike to Santa Caterina, a 14 km-walk surrounded by greenery and wonderful views of the Valfurva inside the Stelvio National Park.
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Hikes from Bormio 3000
Bormio 3000 - Vallecetta Tour

14.11KM - 3/4 hours

Lovers of natural landscapes want nothing more than to immerse themselves in the flora and fauna of this place: the Vallecetta Tour is a high-altitude trail with a spectacular landscape. A hike among the stones at 3000 meters to reach the Profa Lakes, simply beautiful in their intense blue color.
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Bormio 3000 - Profa lakes

14.97KM - 4/5 hours

It makes you think you're not in the mountains but it's not like that: a rich territory, between streams, lakes, meadows. Wonderful alpine landscapes to literally take your breath away!
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Bormio 3000 - Vallecetta ridge

2.03KM - 1 hour

For those who want to say that they have reached the highest point: the panoramic trail on the mountain crest at over 3,000 meters above sea level with a 360-degree view of the majestic Alps is the perfect place. Round trip from Cima Bianca (reachable by cablecar Whitelady3000) to the cross of Monte Vallecetta.
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