Profa Lakes

Bormio 3000: wonderful alpine landscapes, a paradise for photographers and instagrammers

At 3,000 meters above sea level, within the Stelvio National Park, a piece of heaven on earth awaits you: the intensity of the blue color of these lakes is crazy and will leave you breathless enough to understand why the comparison with the Maldives sea is not so risky. The location is undeniably alpine but the stunning colors of the water evoke tropical landscapes: the sound of flowing water will make you live an authentic experience in the wildest nature.

Photographing alpine lakes is not just an Instagrammer trend or a passion for photography experts, but much more: first of all, it is a matter of visiting extraordinary places, often little known, which remind us how wonderful the Earth is.

If you are a mountain photography lover you will know very well the emotions that water can give: the profiles are duplicated, the colors light up and an invisible line divides the real world from the reflected one. Everything is in perfect balance: just find the right shot and click.

How to reach the Beautiful Lakes and the Profa Lakes in Bormio 3000

If you want to immerse yourself in a trail in Bormio that puts you in contact with an area rich in streams, lakes and meadows, then you must choose the Profa Lakes-Bormio 3000 itinerary. Starting from Bormio 3000, reachable by the "Whitelady3000" cable car, take path S541 and passing by the Bei Laghetti you arrive at the junction of Bocca di Profa where you continue on path S518.

After crossing the stream in the locality of Baita del Pastore, the route joins up with path S542 and continues until it reaches Sobrettina. From here a wide trail, mostly flat but with some uphill and downhill stretches, leads to La Rocca.

Across the ski slopes, continue along path S543.1 as far as the Comane locality and then descend to Bormio 2000 where the cableway departs to return to Bormio. The territory crossed by this walk is full of streams and lakes, especially in the valley of Profa.

Along the descent towards Bormio, it offers sweeping views of the valley and the typical vegetation of the alpine pastures: come and discover the 10 small and micro small lakes of Bormio 3000 hidden among rocky crags!

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