Enduro MTB School

Enduro and Freeride MTB School

Bormio Bike Park is pleased to present a new initiative for children aged 10 to 16: the Enduro and Freeride MTB School.

The initiative stems from the desire to involve young people who are on holiday in Bormio in a new fantastic adventure that will lead them to acquire new skills by specializing in free-style and freeride enduro.

Followed by the expert mtb coach Filippo De Lorenzi, the kids will be accompanied in total safety towards an amazing bike adventure, outside the usual schemes: ideal for those who are tired of the classic MTB instructors and want to have fun, learning new techniques.

Enduro School for a summer without limits!

The enduro and freeride MTB School is open to all young people who want to try new and exciting challenges: being a demanding discipline, you need to pay attention to small prerequisites in order to join the school to avoid accidents and have fun in safety


To subscribe to the school it is essential to master the following skills:

  • use the brakes efficiently on technical terrain to maintain traction and control;
  • shift gears early on uphill or downhill terrain to maintain an appropriate cadence;
  • overcome small obstacles with the correct position of the body;
  • have adequate physical preparation to be able to pedal at least 800 m uphill.

Goals of the MTB Enduro School

By joining our school, our instructor will lead you to master the following skills:

  • brake efficiently to maintain speed through corners and technical stretches;
  • use pressure control to generate speed;
  • use rotation to improve cornering phase;
  • distinguish the choice of safe, fast and efficient line in the technical section;
  • learn various maneuvers including the bunny hop, front wheel lift and rear wheel lift;
  • learn to control the bike in any condition.

What are you waiting for, sign up for the school now!

Enduro School prices

Enduro MTB lessons can be booked through the online shop with a special 20% discount. The single lesson lasts 5 hours. Availability: morning (09:00-14:00) or afternoon (13:00-18:00)

The course respects everyone's safety, which is why the number of participants is a maximum of 6 people per day.

The prices are:

  • 1 person €75 (webshop price €60)
  • 2 people €135 (webshop price €108)
  • 3 people €180 (webshop price €144)
  • 4 people € 210 (webshop price € 168)
  • 5 people € 225 (webshop price € 180)
  • 6 people € 240 (webshop price € 192)

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Small tricks for unlimited fun

The MTB Enduro School pays attention to final goals which aim at the perception of difficulties and at coping with those that arise along the way.

For this helmet and protectors are mandatory (also available for hire), as well as a backpack with the following equipment inside:

  • Nutrition: at least 1 liter of water, chocolate, energy bars.
  • Equipment: rain and windproof jacket, telephone or GPS, torch.
  • Maintenance: 2 inner tubes, wheel removal kit, pump, multitool, adhesive tape, chain wrench. 
  • Emergency kit: mobile phone always charged and with credit, identity card with blood type, sheet reporting any allergies or pathologies, first aid kit, tissues, whistle and Swiss army knife.
Info and registration Enduro MTB School

For information and/or reservations call +39 0342 904305

E-MAIL: info@bormiorental.com