Road cycling itineraries

If you love racing bikes, Bormio is undoubtedly the perfect destination for your cycling vacation.

Ideal starting point for tackling the climbs that have made cycling history: Stelvio, Gavia, Mortirolo are the Passes that have always given the most exciting stages of the Giro d'Italia. Their name is known internationally and makes the heart of any cycling fan beat faster.

In addition to the aforementioned Passes, there are also many other perhaps lesser-known but no less exciting climbs, such as Cancano, Bormio 2000, Bernina, Foscagno, and Forte di Oga.

Recommended itineraries for a ride with Road bikes

Bormio is a real paradise for cyclists: Stelvio Pass, Gavia Pass, Mortirolo Pass with their hairpin bends and breathtaking views are the mythical roads of cycling that will make you feel unique sensations.

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Gavia Pass
The Gravel route for those who want to immerse themselves among wonderful streams, lodges and valleys
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Stelvio Pass
A close encounter with history
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Cancano/Fraele Towers
Spectacular climb along the "Imperial Route"
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Mortirolo Pass
Follow the roads beaten by the Giro d'Italia.
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