Bike Park

Among the best and most popular bike parks in Lombardy, Bormio Bike Park offers a great variety of mtb and cross country, freeride and downhill itineraries, developed on an enviable vertical drop of 1800 meters!

Located on Mount Vallecetta, Bormio Bike Park combines the majestic panoramas of the Alta Valtellina with the adrenaline thrill of descending on two wheels, in an unsurpassed mix of action and suggestive panoramic views.

Suitable for all levels of preparation, from experts to amateur users of the discipline, the downhill and freeride trails make the Bormio Bike Park an unmissable destination for your summer holidays in Bormio.

Downhill at the Bike Park

Not one, not two… no less than seven trails!

There are many downhill trails on Monte Vallecetta, designed and built to allow a “tout court” downhill approach.

The natural conformation of the mountain, which provides an ideal theater for Downhill descents, marries the North Shores, with their rich range of jumps, crossings, walls and creative crossing structures.

With Bormio's Downhill itineraries you will have the opportunity to test your downhill flow, in the perfect mix of speed, control, anticipation and balance.

The Downhill trails stretch from Cima Bianca (3,012 m) to Bormio 2000 (1,950 m).

Downhill Mountain Biking 
The trails of Bormio Bike Park

bormio bike park: paul newman trail
Paul Newman
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bormio bike park: autobahn trail
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bormio bike park: zombie trail
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bormio bike park: golf club trail
Golf Club
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bormio bike park: panther trail
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bormio bike park: hell rocks trail
Hell Rocks
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Epic freeride mtb itinerary:
Bormio 3000 – Santa Caterina Valfurva

It is called "free" for a reason: Freeride mountain biking is free riding and style and interpretation prevail. Do not miss the Bormio 3000-Santa Caterina Valfurva itinerary: a great freeride adventure all downhill (13 km) with obligatory stop at the wonderful Beautiful Lakes and Profa Lakes.