What a surprise for FEDERICA SOSIO! She deserves #1


Federica Sosio: Super G Junior World Champion 2015

APRIL 2, 2015 - BORMIO

Today we are celebrating our local athlete, Federica Sosio, from Bormio, class 1994, second year FIS Aspirant. In March Federica was awarded with the title of FIS Alpine Super G Junior World Champion 2015 in Hafjell, Norwey. Two weeks before she went on the podium for the first time at the European Cup; a wonderful second place in Super G again. In the past only four Italian ladies were able to win in this discipline: Elena Curtoni in 2011, Nadia Fanchini in 2004, Karen Putzer in 1997 and Isolde Kostner in 1993. Federica had a sensational season this winter with six national medals and a final fifth place in the FIS Youth ranking.

We have seen her grow up and train on our slopes for years; for us Federica represents who has a dream and with strength, courage, self-denial is able to make it come true. The road to big success is very long yet but this victory at the Super G in the Junior World Champs is a prestigious professional goal. Now, with the season being over, it is time for celebrations. So let us take our hats off and let us all applaude our local athlete!

Her grandparents, uncles and aunts know very well the importance of this moment so, with our help, they decided to make her a special surprise... With a creative and effective act, they dedicated to her the cabin Number One of the cableway Bormio-Bormio 2000. Totally customized and celebratory of her own great achievement. And hey, no better number for her.

Federica Sosio -  Super G Junior World Champion 2015

Federica was so happy with the customization of the cabin and very much appreciated. In these days she has been enjoying the success but she is ready to get back to work, with no great ambitions, aware of what she is capable of and willing to reach important goals.

"Federica, googling on the Internet we even found you on Wikipedia... You are a famous person now." "For real? How embarrassing!" she said.

"Brava Fede. For us you are Number One!".

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