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Cristof Schenk is the best among the skiers! Munari champion of snowboard!

Braulio Freestyle Contest. Cristof Schenk 1st, Paul-Eric Faure 2nd, Valentino Mori 3rd


News, revenges and confirmations. All packed in two super intense days which for the first time have brought to Bormio the "Braulio Vertical Tour 2012". The marriage had proved to be successful: Bormio is one of the most beautiful ski areas of Italy and the tour is unique for its ability to gather sports, food and drinks tasting and a lot of fun for all the ages.

The competition was very exciting. Thanks to the work of Luca Cassine, shaper for Event's Way and Fabrizio, shaper of the Bormio Snowpark the contest had been a great show with spectacular jumps on the 15-meter kicker set at the Ski Stadium at the bottom of the Stelvio slope. The temperature was freezing but the professionalism of the athletes and the support of the crowd made everything possible and the event came out really nice.

The contest was very tough, especially in the freestyleValentino Mori was again a star, after winning six days ago in Bondone, this time he had to be content with "only" a third position. Second place for the young Frenche Paul-Eric Faure and first place for Cristof Schenk (Team Armada) who won the Best Trick Prize too with an outstanding double flatspin 7, bringing home a 700 € cheque. Among the snowboarders the best was Stefano Munni Munari, from Bormio.

Braulio Frestyle Contest. Stefano Munari 1st place

Big clapping for all the athletes but for sure who has most impressed is the young Niccolò. A local 11 year-old boy with grand determination and already part of the Rossignol team: he's been the mascot of the night.

Bormio is not only winter sports but also Braulio. The after dinner drink with 13 herbes had been served at the Vertical Village in Bormio 2000 together with products offered by Nescafè, Panmonviso and Ricola. The success of the local drink was confirmed not only by the many tastings given away during the two days but mostly at the Braulio Vertical Night with big parties at the Bar Braulio and at the Zeta Pub.

The Braulio Freestyle Contest will be on television on Sky Sport 24 and on the tv show named "Icarus" on Sky Sport 2 and on Sky Sport 3 starting from next week.


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