Viper downhill track

The Viper downhill track is suitable for novice riders who want to experience the adrenaline of this sport but without overdoing it with something too demanding.

The first part features curves with very high sides where you can "lean" with your mtb and draw fantastic trajectories.

In the intermediate section there are long diagonals that cut the meadows in half and here you can let go of the brakes and rest your fingers. Be careful, never to lose concentration, though!

Once you arrive at a crossroads, continue to the left to take the last kilometer: a concentration of whipping jumps and very fast curves, really fun.

The route is articulated with wide curves in the meadows of Monte Vallecetta with parabolic curves that allow you a clean and easy riding. The declivity is medium and good speeds are reached especially in the final stretch where the track has a mostly straight design.

The track is ideal for increasing one's confidence with downhill mountain biking. The added value is the scenario in which the entire route is located. From these heights you will have the opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Bormio valley.

Technical data
Vertical drop
Maximum slope