Photo Contest 2016: here are the winners!


MARCH 6, 2016 - BORMIO

The Photo Contest 2016 of Bormio Ski endend on Wednesday March 2 after an intense voting session, especially during the last few days.

The photo contest was joined by 58 participants who had the possibility to vote only one photo per day. The smartest users got their friends involved in the voting. All the votes would come through social networks (Facebook, Twitter e Google +). The goal for everyone was just one: getting the most votes to win one of the many prizes offered by Bormio Ski, Planks, Dragon Alliance, Nike Vision and Spacecraft.

Photo Contest 2016: poster concorso. Sciatore esegue un salto mortale

All the votes were supervised through a special control platform to avoid any type of fraud while voting.

Our staff would like to thank everybody who joined the photo contest making it a great social happening.


Photo Contest 2016: all the votes from February 2 to March 2, 2016

Photo Contest 2016: grafico con tabella voti dal 2 febbraio al 2 marzo 2016

Photo Contest 2016: final rankings and prizes

Most voted photos

  1. Season pass BORMIO SKIPASS valid for the winter season 2016/2017 | Il Paradiso all'improvviso | votes: 869
  2. Snow goggles Nike Fadee | AIKA a BORMIO 2000 | votes: 809
  3. Snow goggles Dragon D3 | Selfie in fresca | votes: 574
  4. Daily ski pass Bormio valid for the winter season 2015/2016 | BORMIO... n. 1 | votes: 198
  5. Daily ski pass Bormio valid for the winter season 2015/2016 | Might as well jump. Jump! | votes: 193
  6. Hat Spacecraft | Me myself and I | votes: 179
  7. Beanie Spacecraft | Dal basso verso l'alto | votes: 113
  8. Beanie Spacecraft | skistand in Bormio | votes: 90
  9. T-shirt Bormio Ski “I was born to be a skier” | Colpo al cuore | votes: 83
  10. T-shirt Bormio Ski “I was born to be a skier” | TRAMONTO | votes: 76
  11. T-shirt Bormio Ski “I was born to be a skier” | Correndo verso il sole | votes: 66
  12. T-shirt Bormio Ski “I was born to be a skier” | La maestosità del gipeto a Bormio 3000 | votes: 60
  13. T-shirt Bormio Ski “I was born to be a skier” | selfyeah... il sole di Bormio abbaglia!!! | votes: 55
  14. T-shirt Bormio Ski “I was born to be a skier” | Crazyskier | votes: 53
  15. T-shirt Bormio Ski “I was born to be a skier” | ByNite | votes: 47

Special prizes

(at judges’ unquestionable discretion)

  1. Best Selfie on the snow>> prize to the most original selfie on the slops – sweatshirt Dragon | action @danidega
  2. Best Action>> prize the most intense action moment on the slopes – sweatshirt Planks | backflip bormio ski
  3. Best Landscape>> prize to the nicest portrait of the ski area – hat Spacecraft | Lights and shadows

Photo Contest 2016: all the photos

©Bormio Ski Press

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