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'3000' closed but the mtb keeps pedaling!


Bormio 2000Bormio, 7-2-2013. With the cablecar Bormio 2000 - Cima Bianca closed due to maintenance and the resulting impossibility to propose again the mountain bike trails from 3000 meters, BormioSki has decided to continue the project "Bormio Gravity World" introducing to public a small variety of Cross Country itineraries which might look less aggressive but for sure still appealing to those who love the off-road two-wheeler. For summer 2013 the bike arena of the Vallecetta mountain will be destitute of the cross country trails at the top and the Freeride tracks which had shyly appeared last year obtaining a fair success showing a natural potential like steepness and difference in height that all the other resorts crave us. Those trails will definitely be back in 2014 for the stiffest bikers.

The cableway Bormio - Bormio 2000 will be open every day from 9 a.m. to 12.45 p.m. and from 2 to 5.30 p.m. from July 6 to September 8, 2013 and at the same time you will have the chance to use among five cross country itineraries that will take the bikers through single trails, mule tracks and farm roads all the way down to the valley bottom.

The cross country trails for 2013:

La segnaletica degli itinerari di Cross Country.
The sign that indicates a Cross Country trails.

3. FAMILY RIDE… Roundtrip ride from Bormio 2000 through a pine forest all the way to “Pozzo dell’Acqua”. Easy and short climbing. The expert biker can continue and take it down to Bormio on route # 5. Length 7 km
4. ALL-DOWNHILL…!Challenging itinerary starting from Bormio 2000. Follow the country road on the ski slope “Genziana” until you reach S. Pietro. Length 4 km
5. THE BEAR BATH The mule track # 5 is reachable from trail #2 or #3. First part technical and more demanding; second part there some ups & downs before you get to Bormio. Length 8 km
6. NOT ONLY FOR DONKEYS… From Bormio 2000 take downhill the paved road until the fifth hairpin turn. From there you’ll ride on the old mule track through fields and mountain huts to “Piazza”. This trail is difficult, technical, steep and at intervals pebbly. Lenght 7 km
7. MAX RELAX… Through the green area “Alute”, the lungs of Bormio, and by the river Adda ride in total peace on the paved bike route. Ideal for family and kids.Lenght 5/10 km

Cartina Mountain Bike Bormio

2013 Summer Map

To better experience your bike day we'd like to suggest especially to families and children to ride with the instructors of the Bike School Alta Valtellina to rediscover some very striking corners, almost forgotten, of extraordinary beauty in total safety and calmness.

Monti di Sobretta

The summer of BormioSki is not just bike, though. You can go hiking following the enchanting paths with panoramic views where to admire the majestic Alpine mountains like for example on the flat walk that goes from Bormio 2000 to Santa Caterina Valfurva. And if doing sports makes you burn calories then it's mandatory to stop in one of the several mountain huts to enjoy the local food and wine.

BormioSki wishes you a super happy SUMMER!

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