3 Gondole: the new E-Bike & MTB Tour of Summer 2022 in Bormio


The 3 Gondole is an epic tour for mountain bike and e-bike within the alpine destination of Bormio - in Alta Valtellina - and involves the 3 main lifts of the resort:

  1. in Bormio, the gondola (or cableway) Bormio-Bormio 2000
  2. in Santa Caterina, the gondola S.Caterina-Vallalpe
  3. in Valdidentro, the gondola Isolaccia-Pian dela Mota

le 3 gondole: vista su sunny valleycabinovia isolaccialocalità aquiloneLe 3 Gondole Tour may start without distinction from one of the three resorts.
The itinerary clockwise does not include much uphill riding. The big climbs are all with the lifts which comfortably allow the transportation of mountain bikes.

The tour has an overall length of 66 km to whom you need to add 7 km of uphill riding with the gondolas. The path is mainly on forest dirt roads, single trails and bike paths. You are required a good physical and technical (especially for downhill rides) preparation.

The estimated time of the journey varies greatly depending on your training and your MTB riding skills: from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 9 hours, including lunch.

Le 3 Gondole – E-Bike & MTB Tour: il profilo altimetrico del percorso

  • Minimum altitude : 951 meters
  • Max altitude: 2,700 meters
  • Length with MTB: 66 km
  • Net climb ↑: 3,360 meters
  • Net descent ↓: 3,361 meters
  • Pedalability: 100%

The ticket of the 3 Gondole Tour

You can buy the ticket in all of the three ticket offices located by the bottom stations of the gondolas. The prices is Euro 28.00 for adult and Euro 20.00 for children born from 2007 to 2014. The ticket is free for children born in 2014 and younger.

The ticket includes

  • a single ride up on the gondola Bormio-Bormio 2000 (for expert bikers: you may want to consider also the cablecar Bormio 2000-Cima Bianca which is included)
  • a single ride up on the gondola S.Caterina-Vallalpe
  • a single ride up on the gondola Isolaccia-Pian dela Mota

Please note that the ticket is meant for a one-day experience. Unusued rides may still be used on the following day since the ticket has been issued.

The 3 Gondole itinerary

We point out that the lift companies do not manage the maintenance and road signage of the trails which may be subject to change, without notice. The following itinerary must be understood as an ideal proposal.

3 gondole ebike tourFrom Bormio you take the gondola up to Bormio 2000.
From here you take a dirt road of 11 km within the woods with some marvellous views over Valfurva.
Downhill you reach Santa Caterina.

Here you ride on the gondola up to the top at Sunny Valley mountain hut.
Go to Passo dell’Alpe and proceed downhill along Val di Rezzalo. The first segment is a trail, then a dirt road and finally you are on a paved road.
Once you reach Frontale you continue all the way down to Le Prese. From here you start a gentle climb on the paved road which you leave once you pass Verzedo: you take a left and for about 3 km you go along the Adda river on a gravel road.
You pass by Aquilone and when you arrive to Tola you get onto the bike path which runs along the river for about 9 km to Premadio. Here on paved road until Seghetto and then you switch back to the bike path until you reach Isolaccia and you take your last ride for the day on a gondola.

From the top you take the dirt road that takes you to Forte di Oga. Go passed Oga and take a right down to the trail which finishes to Osteglio street and then Santa Lucia.
From here you take the bike path along the Frodolfo river and you are finally back to Bormio.

The map and gps tracks

The paper maps are available at the ticket offices of the lift companies and by the tourism offices.

The itinerary is available on the website/app

qr code le 3 gondole

Operating times of the lifts

The lifts are open everyday from 25 June to 11 September 2022.

Guided tour with e-bike

Every Wednesday Bormio Rental organizes a guided tour for the 3 Gondole!

The price is

  • € 20.00 per person
  • or € 15.00 if you are booking a mountain or electric bike at Bormio Rental.

The group must be composed of minimum 2 people up to a maximum of 6.

Reservation is mandatory within 4:00 pm of the prior day.

Info and booking: 0342 904305 /

==Credits featured image: Outdoor Studio

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3 Gondole: the new E-Bike & MTB Tour of Summer 2022 in Bormio

The 3 Gondole is an epic tour for mountain bike and e-bike within the alpine destination of Bormio - in Alta Valtellina - and involves the 3 main lifts of the resort: in Bormio, the gondola (or ca...

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