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1) RIDE IN THE WOODS | Bormio 2000 – Santa Caterina Valfurva | link

From Bormio 2000 follow the itinerary S543 throughout the pine forest with some easy ups and downs which takes you to Baita Pozzo dell’Acqua. Proceed all the way to the juncture and follow the trail S543.2 which leads you downhill to Monti di Sobretta. Continue on  S518 until Sobretta di Sotto and turn right on S522 to finally arrive to Santa Caterina. The downhill part of the itinerary is quite tecnichal and so addressed only to expert riders. Return to Bormio may be by bus or by mountain bike on paved road (12 km all downhill, from 1761 m to 1205 m).

  • Length 11.6 km
  • Max altitude 2128 m
  • Min altitude 1728 m
  • Vertical drop 400 m
  • Max slope 27.5 %
  • Min slope 13.7 %

2) ALL-DOWNHILL..! (part 1) | Cima Bianca – Bormio 2000 | link

From Cima Bianca follow the dirt road – S541 and S542 – to La Rocca making some fun and wide turns. From here turn left on S543.1 and S543 to reach Bormio 2000.

  • Length 7.5 km
  • Max altitude 2976 m
  • Min altitude 1938 m
  • Vertical drop 1038 m
  • Max slope 20 %
  • Average slope 11.3 %

3) ALL-DOWNHILL..! (part 2) | Bormio 2000 – Bormio | link

From Bormio 2000 take the dirt road  S540.3  and S540 on the winter slope Genziana. The itinerary is quite technique and demanding. Before you reach Ciuk, turn right on the single trail S576, which takes you to Borminella. From here turn left on S522 and after 200 m, turn right on S540. Proceed all the way down to Bormio. Follow road signs to return to the bottom station of the cableway.

  • Length 5.4 km
  • Max altitude 1943 m
  • Min altitude 1204 m
  • Vertical drop 739 m
  • Max slope 33.9 %
  • Average slope 16.9 %

4) WHAT A VIEW..! | Valbella –  Pozzo dell’Acqua road | link

From Conca Valbella follow the dirt road which takes you to the DH trail “Golf Club”. From here turn right on S542, a wonderful and technique single trail, that leads to Baite di Sobretta. Enjoy the stunning view of the Stelvio National Park. Once you get to the first juncture make a sharp turn to the left on S543  until you reach the second juncture. From this point on you are on “Pozzo dell’Acqua road” and you can either turn left to Bormio 2000 or turn right towards Santa Caterina Valfurva (see itinerary 1).

  • Length 6 km
  • Max altitude 2519 m
  • Min altitude 2117 m
  • Vertical drop 402 m
  • Max slope 30 %
  • Average slope 16.4 %

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