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The trails 2012 in Bormio:

  • Golf Club: a blue (easy) single trail very fun with the chance to go big on the natural jump of the ski lift “Rocca Est”.
  • Zombie Zone: a real.. scary track! At the level of the top station of the chairlift “Pian dei Larici” a single track in and out of the woods. Medium level.
  • BBQ Zone:  medium level trail for expert bikers into the woods along the “Rocca Est” ski lift. Get back to Bormio 2000 on the cross country trail number 3.
  • Pipe Zone: use the half pipe as you like and try some trick, especially in the last part!
  • Ghost House: enter the house on wood passage!!! Experts only can drop the exit!
  • Trail Bormio 3000-Santa Caterina: medium level. Breathtaking view of the Alps!

The map 2012.

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