Spring skiing in Bormio: sun and snow at 3,000 meters

Spring skiing may sound a risky pick when it comes to skiing holiday. People generally think that January and February are the best months to ski. But why not hit the slopes a little bit later in the season? Maybe in March or April? You get less crowds on the ski runs, cheaper prices and just as much snow. But where to you may ask. Choose a ski resort which offers high mountains where the temperatures stay constantly below 0° C.

Bormio is with no doubt a great pick for spring skiing: the slopes stretch up to 3,012 meters and the latest and copious snowfalls (50 cm on February 28 and 28 cm on March 4) let us have high hopes on the final part of the season.

stagionale bormio in prevendita

Pre-sale season pass 2016/2017 Bormio, Alta Valtellina, Anef

We’re in the middle of the summer but you are dreaming of winter? Here’s the news you’ve been waiting for: the pre-sale season pass 2016/2017 of BORMIO SKIPASS, Alta Valtellina and Anef Lombardia is officially open!

Take advantage of the summer sales, the earlier you buy the more you save. Timing and discounts are different depending on the type of ski pass you want to buy. Following we will provide you with all the information you need to know about the season passes.

Take your chance now, winter is just around the corner!

Pre-sale season pass 2016/2017 Bormio, Alta Valtellina, Anef

Vacanze sulla neve

Winter holidays: book your hotel and the ski pass is free

The winter season 2016/2017 is still faraway but ski lovers are already planning their next winter holidays.

Let’s be honest, whoever loves skiing can’t stay without it because skiing can give such amazing sensations. Carving on the slopes (even clumsily) trying to look like a WC champ, admiring the snowy peaks or simply spending some time with your friends or family in a mountain hut are moments of priceless serenity.

Bormio Ski wants then to present you our new offer SKIPASS FREE which gives you the chance to stay in Bormio (Lombardy, Italy) at unbeatable prices. By booking an hotel for at least four nights you will receive a free ski pass of three days! 

Winter holidays. Two skiers in Bormio

Pre-sale season pass Bormio 2016/2017

Snow at the end of May and we are not joking. This is what incredibly happened just a few days ago here in Bormio when two snowfalls hit our mountain resort from 1,600 meters. This kind of event threw us back to last winter’s memories and got us excited about the next winter season 2016/2017.

Let’s then discover what is going to look like the pre-sale of the season pass Bormio 2016/2017.

The prices, published by AIAFAV (Associazione Impianti a Fune Alta Valtellina) have remained the same and so have the discounts on the ski pass.

The season pass BORMIO SKIPASS allows you to ski in Santa Caterina, Bormio and San Colombano and to move from one mountain to another with the skibus, fast and free.

Pre-sale season pass. Skier in Bormio


Free ski Bormio: special offer hotel + ski pass


Skipass Free Bormio

The winter season of Bormio Ski is about to end: the lifts will, in fact, close on April 10, 2016. Bormio is an ideal destination for your snow holiday in the spring, too: the free ski offer is on, the sun is wonderful, the temperature is great and the snow conditions are still awesome with most of the ski runs still open from the top to the bottom. Your day on the skis is going to be amazing.

Bormio Ski is #verticalfun! From 3,012 to 1,225 meters!

Take advantage of the free ski offer: purchase the package Skipass Free’: book a 4-night stay from April 2 to 10, 2016 and you will get a 3-day free ski pass.

Snow week in Bormio: special offer March 2016

Want to go on vacation in the mountains? Book your snow week in Bormio. From March 12 to 26, 2016 you can take advantage of the offer “Snow Week” to ski at a very special price on the magic snow of Bormio Ski.

settimana bianca a Bormio: sciatrice in azione

March is with no doubt an amazing month for a mountain holiday and especially for skiing: days are longer and warmer and are just absolutely ideal for outdoor activities and relaxation. The 3,012 meters of Cima Bianca are a real paradise right now, thanks to the recent snowfalls, too.

Bormio Pass

Bormio Pass – ski and spa: wellness holiday on the snow Bormio is not only popular for skiing and the World Cup events, its name has, indeed, been mentioned since the time of the ancient Romans for its thermal baths. Wellness, relaxation and body’s care are the ingredients of our reinvigorating after-ski. Bormio is the #wellnessmountain! If you…

Family Saturday

Bormio Ski offers you the chance to spend a great Saturday of skiing with your child, saving money! That’s right, every Saturday in 2016 is indeed dedicated to family. If you buy a daily ski pass on a Saturday (from January 9 to April 9, 2016) your child will ski for free! 1 adult + 1 Baby* (free) * Baby: born in 2008…

Ski pass on sale for college students

Offers 2015/2016 15 % off for college students on their BORMIO SKIPASS (valid in S. Caterina, Bormio, S. Colombano) from 1 to 3 consecutive days. To take advantage of this offer you only need to show up at the ticket office with your college badge and proper identification document (with photo). The offer is valid from December 19, 2015 to April 10, 2016 (except…

Snow week 2016

The ski slopes from the top of the world at 3,000 meters, the hot thermal water, the Valtellina cuisine, the old town center of Bormio and its traditions. Book now the package 7 nights hotel/apartment + six days BORMIO SKIPASS starting from only € 240! Offer valid from January 9 to 30, 2016 and from…

Christmas Special

This Christmas make yourself a special gift! Choose for a memorable Christmas holiday in Bormio from December 19 to 25, 2015 at a very special price. Services include: seven nights in standard double/twin share, half board in hotel, breakfast in B&B or in holiday flat for 4 people with full occupancy six-day lift ticket for…

Skipass free Bormio

Skiing for free? Yes, you can. The winter season of Bormio Ski will officially start on November 28 with a special offer right away: the ski pass will, in fact, be FREE! Wondering how can you get it for free? It’s so simple. Book for a 4 night stay within the promotional days from December 5 to…

Snow week Bormio 2015!

From January 10 to 24, 2015 and from March 21 to 28, 2015 Book your snow week at a very special price! Our special offer for you (price per person): 7 nights in hotel/apartment plus six-day Bormio lift ticket from € 215. Services include : – seven nights in standard double/twin share, half board in hotel , breakfast in…

“Bormio and Valleys” seasonal for families

The “Bormio and Valleys” seasonal ski pass – which includes the ski areas of Bormio, Cima Piazzi Happy Mountain, Oga/San Colombano and Santa Caterina Valfurva – applies a 10 % discount on families composed of at least 4 people (pay attention! The family plan on the seasonal pass Bormio is, instead, of min. 3 people). During pre-sale – from August 1 to November 2, 2014 –…

Pre-sale seasonal ski passes!

Seasonal ski passes 2014/2015 “Bormio”, “Bormio and Valleys” and “Alta Valtellina” are on pre-sale from August 1 with 10% off until September 7! From Septembr 8 to November 2 the discount gets down to 5 %. In oder to benefit from the offer you need to show proper documentation. No self-certification will be allowed. SKI…

Buy the seasonal ski pass 2014/15 and this summer you enter our lifts for FREE

Buy now your Bormio seasonal ski pass 2014/2015 on pre-sale and you will enter the cableway Bormio-Bormio 2000 and the cablecar Bormio 2000-Cima Bianca for free for the whole summer season 2014. By buying the Bormio seasonal ski pass during pre-sale  the oppurtunity is double: in addition to the disocunt on the ski pass (10% off from August 1 to September…