Rockin’ Mountains 2016. The official video

Have you ever seen a rock concert on the snow? In Bormio it happened from March 25 to 27 when Dirty Mondays from Milan come to our snowpark with their explosive project Rockin’ Mountains.

Rockin Mountains 2016. Salto con gli sci allo snowpark

The rock ‘n roll music had been the glue of a three-day event of entertainment on the snow with activities oriented to young people.

The most exciting time had been for sure the snowboard & freeski contest to which many athletes of international level had signed up. We definitely had seen some spectacular tricks out there.

The official sponsor of the event was the Ceres beer: an Italian brand historically connected with outdoor activities and much popular among youngsters for its “social” character.

Rockin' Mountains 2016: freestyle e musica allo snowpark di Bormio.

Let us now live again the best moments of Bormio’s rocking weekend in the video here below.

Pre-sale season pass Bormio 2016/2017

Snow at the end of May and we are not joking. This is what incredibly happened just a few days ago here in Bormio when two snowfalls hit our mountain resort from 1,600 meters. This kind of event threw us back to last winter’s memories and got us excited about the next winter season 2016/2017.

Let’s then discover what is going to look like the pre-sale of the season pass Bormio 2016/2017.

The prices, published by AIAFAV (Associazione Impianti a Fune Alta Valtellina) have remained the same and so have the discounts on the ski pass.

The season pass BORMIO SKIPASS allows you to ski in Santa Caterina, Bormio and San Colombano and to move from one mountain to another with the skibus, fast and free.

Pre-sale season pass. Skier in Bormio


Bormio Ski closed. Now it’s time for Bormio Bike

Bormio Ski officially closed yesterday, on Sunday April 10, 2016 after 128 ski days.

The winter season started in the worst way possible when, due to a lack of snow, we were forced to a one week postponement (from November 28 to December 5). The difficult start was just the forerunner of a whole more complicated winter during which we had very few snowfalls.

Only eight snowfalls in this season and just one really abundant: the one on March 6 when 80 cm of fresh snow fell in Bormio 3000. Data seems even more discouraging if we compare it with the season 2013/2014 when the snowfalls were seventeen.

Despite the bad weather conditions, the commitment of our staff has been constant throughout the whole winter: snowmakers, snowgroomers and slopes staff have given their best to make you ski in perfect snowy slopes.

The next winter season will begin on December 3, 2016 and finish on April 25, 2017 for a total of 144 ski days.

Photo gallery Pozza dei Mat 2016

The official photo gallery of Pozza dei Mat 2016 (Pond of Mads) is finally available within our Flickr album.

Discover the amazing photos of the craziest party in Bormio! The tremendous pond contest had some remarkable and funny vehicles and the attempts of crossing the pool were really brave and entertaining. The big crowd had a woonderful time watching the show!

photo gallery pozza dei mat 2016. Il carro dei vikinghi

Pozza dei Mat 2016: mad people for a great party!

APRIL 5, 2016 – BORMIO

On Sunday April 3 the tenth edition of Pozza dei Mat (Pond of Mads) took place in Bormio 2000. The ‘mad’ people were the absolute protagonist of the day showing some great performances at the pond contest.

Pozza dei Mat 2016: il carro dei Soldatini Ignoranti

Pozza dei Mat: the craziest party of the winter!

Over five thousand people reached Bormio 2000 to watch the pond show: a blend of carefreeness, enthusiasm and levity that totally set the whole Bormio Ski on fire for this final season party.

The participants, about one hundred, made some great acrobatics trying to cross the pond of freezing water, using style and creativity.

For the category ‘Challenge‘ we saw a few skiers attempting the pond crossing. Some made it nicely and some totally not For the category ‘Jump‘, instead, the mad people jumped directly into the pond from the kicker. The great finale, as always, was all for the category ‘Mat‘ (mad): some really alternative vehicles made a marvellous appearance. Everyone tried to pass the pool but a just a small few, to be honest, made a pass all the way across the pond. Some lost the pieces, some lost members of the crew but the result was always one: an hilarious and phenomenal show which captivated the attention of the crowd.

Pozza dei Mat 2016: hawaiana in acqua

After the contest the day continued with a focus on music: a sensational live concert in Bormio 2000 and a dj set at the après skis Bewhite and 30m2.

Free ski Bormio: special offer hotel + ski pass


Skipass Free Bormio

The winter season of Bormio Ski is about to end: the lifts will, in fact, close on April 10, 2016. Bormio is an ideal destination for your snow holiday in the spring, too: the free ski offer is on, the sun is wonderful, the temperature is great and the snow conditions are still awesome with most of the ski runs still open from the top to the bottom. Your day on the skis is going to be amazing.

Bormio Ski is #verticalfun! From 3,012 to 1,225 meters!

Take advantage of the free ski offer: purchase the package Skipass Free’: book a 4-night stay from April 2 to 10, 2016 and you will get a 3-day free ski pass.

Pozza dei Mat 2016: the pond of mads will be back on April 3

MARCH 18, 2016 – BORMIO

It is official now, Pozza dei Mat (Pond of Mads) will be back by popular demand on April 3, 2016 in Bormio 2000!

Pozza dei Mat (in English ‘Pond of Mads) is a great festival on the snow: every year, thousands of people gather in Bormio 2000 to watch an unusual contest, especially for the mountain. The participants equipped with skis, snowboard or on board of a weird vehicle run down a snowy hill as fast as they can with the goal of crossing a long stretch of water.

The result is an hilarious and phenomenal show. The video here below sums up really well the content of the day.  ⇓

Pond of Mads: the craziest party of the winter!

Crossing the pond in Bormio 2000 is not an easy thing to do, at all: the pool is filled with freezing water and 30-m long (10-m wide and 1.5-m deep). It’s a real swimming pool, then, installed for people who don’t mind an out-of-season bath at such an odd location.

The event Pozza dei Mat was born in 2006 as a carefree festival among friends and this year it will celebrate a great goal: the edition 2016 will, in fact, be the historic tenth.

Easter ski holidays: three days of music and fun at the snowpark

MARCH 9, 2016 – BORMIO

Easter ski holidays are a must do for everyone who like ski and mountain, especially when Easter comes soon – like this year – and the slopes are still in great shape.

Dirty Mondays know how to have fun during a Easter break and so from March 25 to 27, 2016 they are organizing the event “Rockin’ Mountains”: a project whose focus is on extreme sports and entertainment through rock’n’roll music. Their philosophy may be summed up in one sentence: “live fast, die dirty”.

Pasqua sulla neve: primo piano consolle dj all'aperto, sulla neve

Snow week in Bormio: special offer March 2016

Want to go on vacation in the mountains? Book your snow week in Bormio. From March 12 to 26, 2016 you can take advantage of the offer “Snow Week” to ski at a very special price on the magic snow of Bormio Ski.

settimana bianca a Bormio: sciatrice in azione

March is with no doubt an amazing month for a mountain holiday and especially for skiing: days are longer and warmer and are just absolutely ideal for outdoor activities and relaxation. The 3,012 meters of Cima Bianca are a real paradise right now, thanks to the recent snowfalls, too.

Snow report Bormio

The snowmakers of Bormio Ski keep you updated with the quantity of snow fallen on the ski slopes. You can check the details of the snowfall at three different altitudes: Bormio 3000, Bormio 2000 and Bormio. Snow report Bormio 2015/2016 Photo of the day Snow archive Snow report 2014/2015 Snow report  2013/2014 Snow report  2012/2013 Weather forecast next 7 days Avalanche risk…

Photo Contest 2016: here are the winners!

MARCH 6, 2016 – BORMIO

The Photo Contest 2016 of Bormio Ski endend on Wednesday March 2 after an intense voting session, especially during the last few days.

The photo contest was joined by 58 participants who had the possibility to vote only one photo per day. The smartest users got their friends involved in the voting. All the votes would come through social networks (Facebook, Twitter e Google +). The goal for everyone was just one: getting the most votes to win one of the many prizes offered by Bormio Ski, Planks, Dragon Alliance, Nike Vision and Spacecraft.

Photo Contest 2016: poster concorso. Sciatore esegue un salto mortale

All the votes were supervised through a special control platform to avoid any type of fraud while voting.

Our staff would like to thank everybody who joined the photo contest making it a great social happening.


Bormio Pass

Bormio Pass – ski and spa: wellness holiday on the snow Bormio is not only popular for skiing and the World Cup events, its name has, indeed, been mentioned since the time of the ancient Romans for its thermal baths. Wellness, relaxation and body’s care are the ingredients of our reinvigorating after-ski. Bormio is the #wellnessmountain! If you…

Rankings Peak to Creek 2016


Despite the severe snow alert that would have discouraged the most courageous mountain man, Peak to Creek 2016 gave, once agian, evidence of being a superb day of sport and a great moment of sharing in Bormio (Valtellina, Italy).

The endelss ski run, that took place yesterday on the ski area of Bormio, was a great success with over 400 people registered to the event. In spite of the lowered start, from 3,000 meters to 2,500 meters, it a was a real race.

classifiche peak to creek 2016: primo e secondo classificato in azione

classifiche peak to creek 2016: partecipanti in azione

Snowpark Bormio open

22 FEBBRAIO 2016

Snowpark Bormio, the ideal place for freeskiers and snowboarders, is open!

The snowpark is situated on the side of the Stella Alpina slope and it is easily reachable by the three-seater chairlift Bormio 2000 – Pian dei Larici. The snowpark is 500-meter long and has a 150-meter drop.

Snowpark Bormio aperto. Sciatore salta dal kicker con sci incrociati e presa grab.

Our team of shapers and groomer drivers will guarantee perfect conditions of the structures and awesome grooming of the landings.

The “Alpini” in Bormio for the winter games 2016


The “Alpini” (Italian for “an elite mountain warfare military corps of the Italian Army” – see Wikipedia) will meet in Bormio from February 25 to 28, 2016 for their winter games called “Alpiniadi Invernali 2016”. The event is a newborn winter games competition setting its second historical edition this year.

Alpiniadi Invernali 2016. Logo manifestazione Bormio

The soldiers and veterans will gather to compete in different disciplines: alpine ski, cross-country ski, mountaineering ski and winter duathlon. The town of Bormio is expecting more than 1,500 athletes among which a few foreign delegations.

Photo Contest 2016

JOIN THE CONTEST FOR FREE TO WIN GREAT PRIZES! The eagerly awaited Bormio Ski Photo Contest is back in 2016! As always, there will be rich prizes for the most voted photos by web users and for the photos judged as the best by our jury.  The subscription to the photo contest is entirely free and from this year the implementation with…

Peak to Creek 2016

PEAK TO CREK. FEBRUARY 28, 2016: BORMIO 3000 – BORMIO THE ENDLESS SKI RUN! REGISTRATIONS OPEN! Who can sign up? Everyone who turned 18 years of age can join the Peak to Creek’s race. Snowboarders are allowed as well. For security measures those must start at the end of the group in oder to avoid…

Night skiing: tonight the style will be on the Stelvio slope


Tonight night skiing will be back on the legendary Stelvio slope of Bormio. Don’t miss the magic of skiing under the stars: the snow will be in perfect conditions and the view from up there will be just breathtaking. The entertainment will be brought by the ski instructors of Bormio who will be giving lessons of style with a special race event.

Night skiing on the Stelvio slope. Ski with style

We Glow – Bormio. Over 1,000 skiers at the night event


On February 6, 2016 the night event We Glow (www.weglow.ittook place in Bormio with an attendace of over 1,000 skiers.

The event was organized by the most read Italian newspaper, La Gazzetta dello Sport, in collaboration with Bormio Ski and Bormio Tourism.

We Glow  is a colorful ski run on the legendary Stelvio slope and was held in Bormio for the second consecutive year.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Bormio

FEBRUARY 13, 2016 – BORMIO Their names are: Leonardo, Raffaello, Donatello and Michelangelo. We are not talking about the protagonists of the Italian Reinassance but the awesome Ninja turtles: four mutant turtles, on air everyday on the channel Nickelodeon. If you know them and you are a real fan of them you can’t miss the “Ninja Tour “, which will…

Valentine’s Day on the snow. 5 reasons to choose Bormio


Let’s be honest: Valentine’s Day is pure commercial celebration but it is certainly a great occasion to strengthen a relationship and maybe allow yourselves a romantic escape to an exclusive resort. It is February and the attraction of a weekend on the snow is irrestitible.

In this article we like to give you 5 good reasons to choose Bormio as the ideal destination for you Valentine’s Day on the snow.

Snowfalls in Bormio. The best of Instagram


The latest snowfalls in Bormio have changed the landscape. Nature has been speaking, the views of these days are breathtaking and the color white is, of course, dominating. The web has immediately responded with hundreds of posts published over the social networks to celebrate the great natural show brought by the snow.

In this article we are proposing a few posts published on Instagram by our official account @bormioski and the best photos and videos found within the social network.

We would like to remind you that the Bormio Ski Photo Contest 2016 is currently on. If you have taken a picture on the ski area of Bormio, join the contest. The registration is free, easy and fast. You may win one of the many prizes available; first prize: a season pass Bormio Skipass 2016/2017.

Ski testing in Bormio 2000 with Df Sport Specialist


On February 13 and 14, 2016 ski testing will arrive to Bormio 2000 under the organization of Df Sport Specialist, the well-known Italian shop chain specialized into the sports goods’ sale.

You will have the opportunity to test for free the best skis of the greatest brands and the new collections of the next winter season. Also, experts from the snow industry will give you a few tips on the choice of the perfect pair of ski.

Ski test a Bormio 2000 organizzati da Df Sport Specialist. Locandina dell'evento