Spring skiing in Bormio: sun and snow at 3,000 meters

Spring skiing may sound a risky pick when it comes to skiing holiday. People generally think that January and February are the best months to ski. But why not hit the slopes a little bit later in the season? Maybe in March or April? You get less crowds on the ski runs, cheaper prices and just as much snow. But where to you may ask. Choose a ski resort which offers high mountains where the temperatures stay constantly below 0° C.

Bormio is with no doubt a great pick for spring skiing: the slopes stretch up to 3,012 meters and the latest and copious snowfalls (50 cm on February 28 and 28 cm on March 4) let us have high hopes on the final part of the season.

ski test a bormio

Ski testing at Bormio Ski | February 11-12, 2017

What’s your style of skiing? Are you a race type or would you rather use an All Mountain pair of skis good for any kind of condition? Or are you a freerider or an acrobat at the snowpark? On February Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 ski testing will come to Bormio Ski and that will be your chance to test the latest ski gear for free.

Ski testing will be organized by Df Sport Specialist, the shop chain specialized in sports clothing and equipment.

In Bormio 2000, by the top station of the cableway, there will be a village where you will find the latest products of the next winter season offered by the most prestigious ski manufacturers. You will be testing great materials and you will have the possibility to get suggestions from real ski specialists.

The village will remain open during the weekend from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

For further information you can write to info@df-sportspecialist.it

Ski from peak to creek in Bormio! The valley run is open.

In Bormio everything is ready to host the “all adrenaline” ski race Peak to Creek at the end of January. The clients of the ski area can finally ski from peak to creek, as we like to say when referring to the opening of the valley run and the possibility to ski, from top to bottom, the whole vertical drop of the mountain.

Since last Saturday people have been skiing on the slope Bosco Basso which made the “vertical fun” of Bormio finally for real. Skiing on a 1,800-meter vertical drop is pure poetry for every ski fan. Dancing on the snow from 3,012 meters to 1,225 meters is a unique experience that you don’t exactly find everywhere.

Snowfalls in Bormio: 60 cm at 3,000 meters

This is it. During the weekend we had experienced some serious snowfalls in Bormio (Alta Valtellina, Italy) accompanied by severe temperatures. All the tourism operators have been whispering for the latest few hours but the overall impression is that winter over the Alps has finally come.

On November Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 an important low-pressure area hit our region revealing itself into snow (for the second time this fall) even at the lower altitudes.


snowfalls in bormio

In town, the snowfall turned mainly into rain while from 1,500 meters we looked at some intense snow action:

  • Bormio (1,225 m): 01 cm
  • Bormio 2000 (1,952 m): 20 cm
  • Bormio 3000 (3,012): 60 cm

As usual, you can find all the information about the latest snowfall on our snow report.

Bormio Ski closed. Now it’s time for Bormio Bike

Bormio Ski officially closed yesterday, on Sunday April 10, 2016 after 128 ski days.

The winter season started in the worst way possible when, due to a lack of snow, we were forced to a one week postponement (from November 28 to December 5). The difficult start was just the forerunner of a whole more complicated winter during which we had very few snowfalls.

Only eight snowfalls in this season and just one really abundant: the one on March 6 when 80 cm of fresh snow fell in Bormio 3000. Data seems even more discouraging if we compare it with the season 2013/2014 when the snowfalls were seventeen.

Despite the bad weather conditions, the commitment of our staff has been constant throughout the whole winter: snowmakers, snowgroomers and slopes staff have given their best to make you ski in perfect snowy slopes.

The next winter season will begin on December 3, 2016 and finish on April 25, 2017 for a total of 144 ski days.

Easter ski holidays: three days of music and fun at the snowpark

MARCH 9, 2016 – BORMIO

Easter ski holidays are a must do for everyone who like ski and mountain, especially when Easter comes soon – like this year – and the slopes are still in great shape.

Dirty Mondays know how to have fun during a Easter break and so from March 25 to 27, 2016 they are organizing the event “Rockin’ Mountains”: a project whose focus is on extreme sports and entertainment through rock’n’roll music. Their philosophy may be summed up in one sentence: “live fast, die dirty”.

Pasqua sulla neve: primo piano consolle dj all'aperto, sulla neve

Snow report Bormio

The snowmakers of Bormio Ski keep you updated with the quantity of snow fallen on the ski slopes. You can check the details of the snowfall at three different altitudes: Bormio 3000, Bormio 2000 and Bormio. Snow report Bormio 2015/2016 Photo of the day Snow archive Snow report 2014/2015 Snow report  2013/2014 Snow report  2012/2013 Weather forecast next 7 days Avalanche risk…

Snowpark Bormio open

22 FEBBRAIO 2016

Snowpark Bormio, the ideal place for freeskiers and snowboarders, is open!

The snowpark is situated on the side of the Stella Alpina slope and it is easily reachable by the three-seater chairlift Bormio 2000 – Pian dei Larici. The snowpark is 500-meter long and has a 150-meter drop.

Snowpark Bormio aperto. Sciatore salta dal kicker con sci incrociati e presa grab.

Our team of shapers and groomer drivers will guarantee perfect conditions of the structures and awesome grooming of the landings.

Snowfalls in Bormio. The best of Instagram


The latest snowfalls in Bormio have changed the landscape. Nature has been speaking, the views of these days are breathtaking and the color white is, of course, dominating. The web has immediately responded with hundreds of posts published over the social networks to celebrate the great natural show brought by the snow.

In this article we are proposing a few posts published on Instagram by our official account @bormioski and the best photos and videos found within the social network.

We would like to remind you that the Bormio Ski Photo Contest 2016 is currently on. If you have taken a picture on the ski area of Bormio, join the contest. The registration is free, easy and fast. You may win one of the many prizes available; first prize: a season pass Bormio Skipass 2016/2017.

1,000 meters of ski

DECEMBER 18, 2015 – BORMIO MORE AND MORE SKI – The great vertical experience of Bormio Ski is coming closer. With its sensational vertical drop of 1,800 meters,  Bormio stands out as the mountain for those who love skiing. The amazing 1,800-m vertical will not be available soon but the skiable area is getting wider every day.…