Snowfalls in Bormio: 60 cm at 3,000 meters

This is it. During the weekend we had experienced some serious snowfalls in Bormio (Alta Valtellina, Italy) accompanied by severe temperatures. All the tourism operators have been whispering for the latest few hours but the overall impression is that winter over the Alps has finally come.

On November Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 an important low-pressure area hit our region revealing itself into snow (for the second time this fall) even at the lower altitudes.


snowfalls in bormio

In town, the snowfall turned mainly into rain while from 1,500 meters we looked at some intense snow action:

  • Bormio (1,225 m): 01 cm
  • Bormio 2000 (1,952 m): 20 cm
  • Bormio 3000 (3,012): 60 cm

As usual, you can find all the information about the latest snowfall on our snow report.