Pozza dei Mat 2016: the pond of mads will be back on April 3

MARCH 18, 2016 – BORMIO

It is official now, Pozza dei Mat (Pond of Mads) will be back by popular demand on April 3, 2016 in Bormio 2000!

Pozza dei Mat (in English ‘Pond of Mads) is a great festival on the snow: every year, thousands of people gather in Bormio 2000 to watch an unusual contest, especially for the mountain. The participants equipped with skis, snowboard or on board of a weird vehicle run down a snowy hill as fast as they can with the goal of crossing a long stretch of water.

The result is an hilarious and phenomenal show. The video here below sums up really well the content of the day.  ⇓

Pond of Mads: the craziest party of the winter!

Crossing the pond in Bormio 2000 is not an easy thing to do, at all: the pool is filled with freezing water and 30-m long (10-m wide and 1.5-m deep). It’s a real swimming pool, then, installed for people who don’t mind an out-of-season bath at such an odd location.

The event Pozza dei Mat was born in 2006 as a carefree festival among friends and this year it will celebrate a great goal: the edition 2016 will, in fact, be the historic tenth.