Mountain hiking in Bormio. Trekking on the Mount Vallecetta


Mountain hiking is good for your health. And it's not only the exercise which is so simple and natural but it's also the direct contact with the nature, the relaxed environment, clean and silent, which will do great benefits to your mind.

In this website we recommend six trekking itineraries of different difficulties. None of them is to be considered for extreme mountaineers. They are all trails suitable for everyone and, anyhow, we are only recommending itineraries which include a ride with one of our lifts, on the cableway or cablecar.

Mountain hiking: the itineraries on the Mount Vallecetta (Bormio)

Bormio Bike has selected for you the most interesting outdoor routes, many of those have, moreover, been classified as classic paths within the official cartography of Alta Valtellina :

mountain hiking in bormio: the cablecar to cima bianca

Going trekking among mountains doesn’t only mean hiking into the wild nature but also taking well-deserved breaks in a mountain hut where to get a special taste of the local food and drinks and enjoy the hospitality of the mountain people.

mountain hiking in bormio

Mountain hiking. The official signage in Bormio

All the trekking itineraries in the Bormio’s territory are listed through the official cartography.

You can buy the Bormio Bike and Trekking Map for only € 1 and get a better orientation of your path. Also, you can visit the website to make a nice planning of your excursion and, if you may like, download the whole itinerary on your GPS.

All the trails have proper vertical signage: signposts made of wood or aluminum (see image below) are everywhere.

mountain hiking in bormio. official signageIn case of emergency you can transmit your position to the emergency aid by calling the phone number 112 and giving them the number written on the back of the closest signpost.The whole section dedicated to trekking on our website is freely inspired by all the sources from Comunità Montana Alta Valtellina:

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